Monday, February 21, 2011


Life has been extremely busy with this work gig. It's been challenging and new, yet frustrating and tiring. Just when things start rolling along and I bust out the S on my chest and feel like I can have it all...someone gets sick, someone gets a fever, someone pukes, someone needs a parent teacher meeting, someone needs chauffeured at the most inconvenient time of the work day. The family is adjusting to Mom being gone all day and Mom is adjusting to letting some things go and the constant state of tired. I wear 'tired' well, it's my new look.
EG is plowing through her school day like a pro. She is totally loving school. She is excited about going and knows Daddy takes her and Mommy picks her up...with candy=0) She gets a Hershey Kiss at 5:20 every day, except for the days that I've already picked her up due to illness. Ms. E has never been exposed to all these germs and it seems she is not mixing well with the local folk. She's had a constant runny nose, several fevers and a case of the pukes in a 3 week span & after being snotted on for a week, Mommy has had a lovely case of the snots for 2 weeks. I have no idea where my voice went, but it doesn't seem to be in a hurry to return. It's my new 1 (900) voice.

I have managed to make Sunday mornings my time to prepare all dinners for the week. It has certainly helped with time and energy while we adjust to this new schedule.

In other exciting news: My G made the HS golf team. So proud of him. He had never golfed on a GA course and was really unsure of this dormant grass thing, but he rocked it and made it. He is the underdog of the golf team. He does not belong to any country club up here, he hasn't golfed in a year and he's never golfed in GA and we do not pay for him to have private lessons. G is a natural golfer, takes after his Daddy and I'm hoping he qualifies every week.

The kids are on ski break this week and instead of going skiing...I'm working and they are hanging out at home with my fabulous in-laws who came up to help us. I really want & need my in-laws to move to a bad sort of way...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Fur*Bus Bday

Friday night I was totally suprised that my Georg*a peeps had arranged quite the party for my birthday. I was not planning on celebrating, but then again, I hadn't planned on these girls coming into my life=0)
So we piled into the Fur*Bus, which is quite the party vehicle in itself and was taken to downtown to the SunD*al restaurant that had a beautiful view of the city. We then went to a fun, *young* bar and danced and then we piled back in the bus for a trip to the famous Johnny's where we danced for several hours before going back home. Dancing continued in the Fur*bus and by Sunday morning, my voice was gone and as of Tuesday, I've yet to find it. It doesn't help that I am now fighting the flu, but needless to say, the suprise birthday party thrown was something to behold!
What a great group of friends and neighbors.
We've been so blessed by these people.
I'm so thankful we ended up here!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing the Birthday Smarts With Ya

I got another year older and another year wiser, 2 days ago to be exact.
All the smarts I've ever gained has been stored in this little tiny head of mine, though some would argue the size.
So as tradition has it, I like to ramble 30 new things that I've learned in the past year.
1. Life is always fun & fabulous. Even the garbage that is thrown your way can be fun.
It's all about attitude.
2. Just because you call someone a friend, doesn't mean they are. Friends might even end up suing you ;0) A heavy lesson learned by me this year.

3. Letting go of something that you love so much doesn't hurt so much when you find your happy with something you originally feared.
4. Fear = the Unknown
The unknown is to be embrassed, because it is a life unlived if you don't.
5. Ge0rgia people are way nicer that Parad*ce people
...just sayin'
6. Running is like a drug to me, but it always takes me a few miles to find my groove, every single time I lace up. Once I get passed the first few miles, I'm good for another 10.
7. Fresh produce stays fresher longer in GA than in FL.

8. I have found that vodka loves me more than Mr. R0n Bacard* himself.
So I became a cheater.
9. Neighborhoods really do co-exist nicely in the world. {{{Shocking}}}
10. The week would go by faster if it were ALWAYS a 3 day weekend. Instead of kicking off the weekend with Fun Friday, we'd kick it off with Thirsty Thursday.

11. I believe that the fabulous success of my daughter in PK is a direct result of sticking with Nancy Th0mas's attachment therapy for over a year & following the NR route.
Not gonna lie, it was the hardest thing I've ever done and though it would have been much easier to do something the easy way, I always stood firm with her.

12. Couponing really does save a shit load of money. Now when people tell me they don't have time to do it, I tell them I don't have time to NOT do it. It's like adding an extra paycheck to your budget every month. Had I known how much money I would've saved years ago, I would have figured it all years ago.
13. I know I could not live without my iph0ne and I can safely say, that I will never own another phone. My first one was the 8G in 2007 and I paid $599 for it. I've since upgraded, but I won't ever leave the ip0ne. I said 'I do' to Apple.

14. Related family really has very little to do with who I consider my family.
15. Not sure why I have such crapola luck with electronics, but the only guess I have is when God was passing out gadget smarts, I was in line at the cocktail tolerance counter.

16. It was a heavy dose of reality, but I now know why all the northern people love their Uggs.
17. Every single person has a story and if you listen, every single person wants to share it and I've learned some amazing things from everyone in my life.
18. In so many ways, marriage gets much easier after 17 years.
Maybe because he's been trained? or He now 'gets' what is really going to piss me off so he just doesn't go there? Not sure, but it flows the older we get.
19. The real estate market is broken. B.R.O.K.E.N.
There is no right way to fix the system.
20. The box that the the educational system wants to put your child in gets smaller every year.
21. My children are not perfect and neither are yours. So why do I make my kids jump through hoops when telling me of a situation because I only trust the truth once I've heard it 50 different ways and all of them have to be the same story when othe parents take every single word their kid says as the gospel.(?) That I'll never understand.
22. Music is good for the soul & so is wine;0)

23. I've learned I need my in-laws in my life more than I ever would have imagined needing them.
24. There is no greater snack than carrot chips and hummus.

25. I've realized the importance of a girls night out. It's not something to talk about, but something to do on the same day every single week. Then it becomes routine and something your husband is trained to expect =0)

26. It's easy to judge someone for something you know nothing about, but I've officially learned to NEVER judge something or someone from the outside. Things are never really how it appears.

27. It's 2011, if you're still sporting acrylics, let them go folks.
28. We should be allowed to make citizens arrests. There are a lot of stupid people out there & the older I get, the less time I have to deal with stupidity or drama.
29. I've discovered this year that I do have a breaking point.
30. Home isn't where you're heart is or where you hang you're hat, but it's where you allow your soul to be free.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back To Work!

Yo Peeps, this Mama went back to work this week!
A job came up on my radar and after much thought...all of 10 minutes, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. Low and behold, this SAH Mama was offered a great opportunity to be back in the rat race and I made the leap from thinking about it to accepting the job.
J.O.B....yeah, that's right...
I've previously blogged about losing our Fla contracts and this job came up just after losing them. So I took it as a sign and decided to dive back into the work force after 14 years of being home.
I visited several preschool for EG and fell in love with only one. They offered me a trial day and I gave it a whirl. I sat home and watched from the cameras most all day and when I saw how happy she was, I literally cried. I'm in awe of how far she's come. She has never been away from me with strangers and done well, never. I'm amazed at how well she's done. She is excited to go and couldn't wait to pack her "backpack" the night before. Daddy takes her and Mommy picks her up. The best part of my day is picking her up. Her school is right across the street and I am there at exactly 5:05 to scoop her up when she comes running with a huge smile yelling, "MOMMY"!!! I never imagined she would have been this secure away from me. It was only 3 months ago when I couldn't leave her in a gym playroom to get an hour workout in! I am blown away...she is my hero and she continually amazes me.
My new position in life is an asset special*ist and after watching the Bachel0r tonight, I decided that I should have been a life c0ach. That dude's life c0ach is getting paid way to much for hanging out in the tropics just waiting for the phone to ring. Seriously....I totally missed my calling.
So as if this lil' blog wasn't neglected enough already, it's about to be neglected even more. I'm not real sure how I'm going to fit everything in with 4 kids...not sure at all, but I'm going to give it a whirl. EG is doing great at school, but of course she's only on day 3 and I do expect for there to be some really bad days ahead, but for now, I am totally impressed with her willingness to
experience the newness of life without holding my hand and having me right there. I'm on a high just thinking back 20 months ago and how far she's come.
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