Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Sisters 2o11

What a smashing good time that was! I love our weekend in the country with just each other as our soul entertainment...and really? who needs more than that?

Our girls and 1 little fella is growing so fast and what I love most is they know each other and they love playing with each other. We say every year how impressed we are with the lack of toddler smack downs, that it keeps us coming back for more!

My besties, who I talk and text with every day. This group has gone way beyond the adoption connection, it's such a small piece now that we think we might be using our tots as an excuse to our husbands just so we can get away together ;0)

So so so happy that Col could fly down with Hannah, we've had so much change in our lives since I left paradise that it was perfect to get away together. I think I smooched her face off when I saw her! & Mare...well, my days would never be the same without her in it! She's my 10 minute conversation every day at lunch, love her.

& wouldjaya look at those cuties! Getting bigger every day!
& so are their personalities....oh my...

Life is just more fun in a pool~

& more relaxing with a lifeguard on duty....

The girls had a major dance off. All I can say is Whoa, they've got some moves. Scary moves nontheless.

Chillin' on Pugmama's bed


~~~& the FUNNIES~~~

The food is always out of this world when we get together, but I think I literally had an 0rgasim in my mouth when I ate the eggplant sandwhich with goat cheese and basil...seriously to die for.

Every good party has some hula hoopin' action!

and the girls found a ton of ways to utilize the hula hoopin' action.

Group Girl Shot

My happy girl~!

It is so nice to have so many teachers on hand, esp the Special Ed ones =0)

EG became the queen hoarder of the hula hoops.

After a few cocktails, I had stared at that tractor long enough and decided I could take her on...but Big Daddy informed me there wasn't any gas in it =0( So we just groped her a little bit and took a picture. The tractor was bringing out the WV girl in me, big time! I love all these girls! I love catching up with them and watching our girls grow!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

maybe just one more will hop on board, maybe just one more person will begin to think, ponder, react...

America's Crisis

A post that will either alert you, piss you off or leave you thinking I've lost my God loving mind...& I'm okay with that ;0)

I have been on a mission lately, to prepare my family in the event of an economic collapse.

Not to long ago, I was saying 'IF' it happens, now I am saying 'WHEN' it happens.

What I find shocking is that so many people are not taking note, not paying attention and not preparing their families.

If you are a biblical believer, then you know that the end times can not be ushered in without a one world currency, so why are most Americans just blowing off even the most remote chance of this occurring in their near future? Global talks of a one world currency are taking place everywhere. Just google it, you'll have endless hours of reading pleasure. So we all know that the American dollar has to collapse in order for there to be a push for this globalization.

What I also find shocking is the turn against Capitalism. Since when is being a Capitalist a bad thing? We don't need to 'spread the wealth' or 'share the sacrifice', we need government to stay out of the way. We don't need more government, we need less government. Governments don't make jobs, small American businesses (Capitalist) make jobs. Capitalism is just one of the many things that made America great for who we are, I have so many friends who have been out of work for over 2 years. We are not talking about lazy bums, we are talking about hard working people who owned businesses and were in a very good financial place when their world was turned upside mine. Small businesses are being bogged down by policies & taxes and are unable to thrive. I'm sick of hearing that we should punish businesses even more. I'm sick of hearing that if you make over $250k then you are considered the 'jet class crowd' ....Ummm, I don't know anyone that owns their own jet.

So what started for me as mission to pick up extra food for my family for when the inevitable occurs has brought me to another whole level of preparedness. I am not in a financial position to do it all at once, but I feel this crunch coming on and I have began to get my crap together quicker. I want to be ready. Rough times for Americans are coming. You can either stick your head in the sand and pretend that it won't affect you or you can prepare and possibly be able to help others who will not be prepared.

It seems as though the normalcy bias is running more ramped than dealing with the events that are spinning our direction and are coming at us at an alarming rate.

The most unpredictable thing will be the social unrest that will come when people are not prepared. You can not predict how loons will behave. Just look at the streets of Greece! If you think it won't happen here, you are in denial. Social unrest is part of the fall out when an economy collapses. Are you prepared to defend your family in the event of a mob in your very own neighborhood? I live in a big city that will absolutely come unraveled.

Just think of everything that could happen when the dollar collapses. There will be a run on banks, which won't matter, the dollar will be worthless. How will you pay for food? Grocery stores only carry a 3 day supply of food. How will you gas your car? Gas stations will not have gas. In the event of grid down, how will you cook? How will you light your home? Do you have extra propane? Extra oil lamps? Batteries? Water? I realize this all sounds crazy, but you have to take your mind there. You owe it to your family, you owe it to your kids to be their rock in the midst of uncertain times, to be able to feed them when they are hungry.
Things are happening globally that will have a direct impact on what is to come. Israel is being surrounded. Israel is one of our closest allies, why is America turning against them? They represent the western way of life, the closest views of America. I stand with Israel and the western way of life...where do you stand? Do you even know? We are now seeing this love affair with Palestine and many celebrities are deciding to stand on the side of Palestine . Coldplay now has a catchy little Stand up for Palestine song...don't be fooled by the big names. Know your history.

I just bought a few fun reads:

Patri0ts: Surviving the Coming Collapse

H0w to Survive the End of the W0rld as We Know It: Techniques and technologies for uncertain times.

Where There is No Dentist

When There is N0 D0ctor (part of a self reliance series)

& The G00d Women of China: Hidden V0ices, just for fluff reading ;0)

I've also discovered a fun, fluff blog that I'm officially addicted to:

Love sites that get me thinking. Going outside of my comfort zone, but mostly I want to be prepared. I am a 'prepper'...prepping for the uncertain future.

If the debt ceiling is not raised, America will default on it's loans. We are a broke country, but I know America will survive. If the debt ceiling is raised, we have a wee bit longer of borrowed time before it all comes tumbling down. Don't be fooled by mainstream media, do the research for yourself. Mainstream media is to political, step out of the political realm.

If only one person reading this will change their normalcy bias way of thinking, then I'm glad I shared. So who's prepping with me?

Friday, July 8, 2011

a 50 year surprise for my inlaws

50 years ago, to the date, my in-laws were married. They were young, super young and have shared an amazing life together. They've lived in several different states away from all their family, they raised 4 magnificent children. 3 of which are magnificent, 1 is just a turd....or maybe just a jackass. He has cut all of us out of his life because I have a Facebook friend he does not agree with, his problem, not mine. But it has crushed my in-laws. My mother-in-law weeps daily over her son and grandchildren that she is no longer allowed to see because he is a turd. Life carries on though and we all refuse to let it spoil our life. So the magnificent 6 planned a surprise remarriage for them in my backyard.

We told them we were heading to my friends house for a luau party 2 hours before we had to be there. They were not thrilled with idea, but they played along because that's how they roll. So as we walked down the hill, you could hear beautiful wedding music playing. They still had no idea. When we came to the mouth of the field, my niece handed them an invitation to their own rewedding. You can tell by my MIL's face, she lost it.

J's sister began to prepare my MIL with her something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. We also handed her a bouquet of white daisies and yellow roses, which was her bouquet 50 years ago. Yellow is her favorite color =0)

my flower girl & me

The groom and best man (J)
the flower children =0)
EG has never been a flower girl, she was not completely sure what to do, so W was helping her out. She did empty her flower purse all in one spot. Super cute!
J's sister was the Matron of Honor
Grams 2 oldest grandchildren, G&Z walked her down the aisle.

G is tall, but he looks really tall next to anyone in this family...they are short people.

C played "here comes the bride" on violin, it was really sweet.
J's brother Chris was the very not so legal officiate. He is naturally one of the funniest people I know, but he did an exceptional job making all of us cry and laugh out loud throughout his 'service'

They exchanged a ring of leis.

My MIL lost it when Chris talked about the gift of love their marriage has been to us all.

And by no power invested in any of us, they were pronounced still married and he may kiss his wife.
my handsome husband

50 years ago, they stood before a different set of friends and family and pledged their love for each other. On this day, they stood before the family they created and renewed that pledge.

We went back to my house where we had planned a whole evening of events. There was lots and lots of food, sweets, drinks, dancing and most importantly...laughter.

They even shared a wedding cake =0)
and they danced to one of my MIL's all time favorite songs, The Last Dance.
I married into this family and though my adjustment period was not a good one coming in, I have adored his parents love for each other from day one. I knew my husband had the best of the best to model after. Their whole life has been about the family. They travel from Fla to Oh all the time so they never have to miss a grandchild's birthday or special event. They are present all the time, even though they live 9 hours away. I am so grateful for them who they are in my life and my children's. 50 years is a long time and we made this day all about family. We wanted it to intimate with just us and very personal. Lots of personal touches throughout every little thing. And of course the rest of the long July 4th weekend was just down right fun with his family! It's a family I feel honored to call mine. I love all the laughter we share when we are all together.

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