Friday, July 8, 2011

a 50 year surprise for my inlaws

50 years ago, to the date, my in-laws were married. They were young, super young and have shared an amazing life together. They've lived in several different states away from all their family, they raised 4 magnificent children. 3 of which are magnificent, 1 is just a turd....or maybe just a jackass. He has cut all of us out of his life because I have a Facebook friend he does not agree with, his problem, not mine. But it has crushed my in-laws. My mother-in-law weeps daily over her son and grandchildren that she is no longer allowed to see because he is a turd. Life carries on though and we all refuse to let it spoil our life. So the magnificent 6 planned a surprise remarriage for them in my backyard.

We told them we were heading to my friends house for a luau party 2 hours before we had to be there. They were not thrilled with idea, but they played along because that's how they roll. So as we walked down the hill, you could hear beautiful wedding music playing. They still had no idea. When we came to the mouth of the field, my niece handed them an invitation to their own rewedding. You can tell by my MIL's face, she lost it.

J's sister began to prepare my MIL with her something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. We also handed her a bouquet of white daisies and yellow roses, which was her bouquet 50 years ago. Yellow is her favorite color =0)

my flower girl & me

The groom and best man (J)
the flower children =0)
EG has never been a flower girl, she was not completely sure what to do, so W was helping her out. She did empty her flower purse all in one spot. Super cute!
J's sister was the Matron of Honor
Grams 2 oldest grandchildren, G&Z walked her down the aisle.

G is tall, but he looks really tall next to anyone in this family...they are short people.

C played "here comes the bride" on violin, it was really sweet.
J's brother Chris was the very not so legal officiate. He is naturally one of the funniest people I know, but he did an exceptional job making all of us cry and laugh out loud throughout his 'service'

They exchanged a ring of leis.

My MIL lost it when Chris talked about the gift of love their marriage has been to us all.

And by no power invested in any of us, they were pronounced still married and he may kiss his wife.
my handsome husband

50 years ago, they stood before a different set of friends and family and pledged their love for each other. On this day, they stood before the family they created and renewed that pledge.

We went back to my house where we had planned a whole evening of events. There was lots and lots of food, sweets, drinks, dancing and most importantly...laughter.

They even shared a wedding cake =0)
and they danced to one of my MIL's all time favorite songs, The Last Dance.
I married into this family and though my adjustment period was not a good one coming in, I have adored his parents love for each other from day one. I knew my husband had the best of the best to model after. Their whole life has been about the family. They travel from Fla to Oh all the time so they never have to miss a grandchild's birthday or special event. They are present all the time, even though they live 9 hours away. I am so grateful for them who they are in my life and my children's. 50 years is a long time and we made this day all about family. We wanted it to intimate with just us and very personal. Lots of personal touches throughout every little thing. And of course the rest of the long July 4th weekend was just down right fun with his family! It's a family I feel honored to call mine. I love all the laughter we share when we are all together.


Lisa~~ said...

Oh bless, happy 50th to your in-laws and what a fun party.

shelley said...

what a fun looks as if everyone had a great time.

Kayce said...

I'm sitting here in happy tears! Love the surprise and the gift that their marriage has been to all of you!

Laurie said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Shari U said...

How blessed you are to be part of such a special family and how blessed they are to have you for their daughter in law. This is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever heard. Your in laws sound like truly spectacular people.

lora said...

How Very Special and Thoughtful of all of you! What a Beautiful Family! Thanks for sharing

Linda and David said...

Simply awesome...

Kim said...

What a wonderful idea! Your In Laws are Blessed with a truly great family!

Daniella said...

beautiful... God Bless your inlaws.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading and seeing the photos! Your in-laws look too young to be celebrating their 50th! So happy for you all, Wendy

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