Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Sisters 2o11

What a smashing good time that was! I love our weekend in the country with just each other as our soul entertainment...and really? who needs more than that?

Our girls and 1 little fella is growing so fast and what I love most is they know each other and they love playing with each other. We say every year how impressed we are with the lack of toddler smack downs, that it keeps us coming back for more!

My besties, who I talk and text with every day. This group has gone way beyond the adoption connection, it's such a small piece now that we think we might be using our tots as an excuse to our husbands just so we can get away together ;0)

So so so happy that Col could fly down with Hannah, we've had so much change in our lives since I left paradise that it was perfect to get away together. I think I smooched her face off when I saw her! & Mare...well, my days would never be the same without her in it! She's my 10 minute conversation every day at lunch, love her.

& wouldjaya look at those cuties! Getting bigger every day!
& so are their personalities....oh my...

Life is just more fun in a pool~

& more relaxing with a lifeguard on duty....

The girls had a major dance off. All I can say is Whoa, they've got some moves. Scary moves nontheless.

Chillin' on Pugmama's bed


~~~& the FUNNIES~~~

The food is always out of this world when we get together, but I think I literally had an 0rgasim in my mouth when I ate the eggplant sandwhich with goat cheese and basil...seriously to die for.

Every good party has some hula hoopin' action!

and the girls found a ton of ways to utilize the hula hoopin' action.

Group Girl Shot

My happy girl~!

It is so nice to have so many teachers on hand, esp the Special Ed ones =0)

EG became the queen hoarder of the hula hoops.

After a few cocktails, I had stared at that tractor long enough and decided I could take her on...but Big Daddy informed me there wasn't any gas in it =0( So we just groped her a little bit and took a picture. The tractor was bringing out the WV girl in me, big time! I love all these girls! I love catching up with them and watching our girls grow!


Briana's Mom said...

Creating memories that will last a lifetime!!

Daniella said...

love your posts on your getaways.... I've been blogging with you for so long I clearly remember the get togethers before all the kids were even home :) great pics.
blogger sucks at the moment - cant' log in with my name - it's Daniella ;)

Anonymous said...

@D, I have no idea what is going on with blogger, I can't even comment on my own blog without doing so anonymously.

Lisa~~ said...

Two generations of good times and best friends, nothing better!

Anonymous said...

It makes my heart smile when I see all of you together. I too, have been following ya'll since before the kiddo's were home. I've been missin a good Coll & Tracy post. I was hoping you guys still were able to get together like before. I can't believe how big the girls are. Beautiful Momma's as well =) Thanks for sharing...Leanne

kitchu said...

what fun, i sure miss you guys :) glad you all had such a wonderful time together!

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