Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School 2011-2012

W~now entering 2nd grade My sweet W had a really rough year last year. He has been my child that has struggled with this new GA life. His teacher didn't help that feeling last year. And then I went back to work this year and he's had a difficult summer with me working and we were nervous about this year and what teacher he might get.

After the teacher list was posted, we went directly to the school after work to find out who he had this year. Not that we had any perference,because we don't know any of the teachers, but because we wanted time to ask around. We have found out that the principle took mercy on us last year and gave us the best of the best this year. The only complaint I have found is your child will be highly disappointed year after year because nobody will live up to Mrs. D. I'm so excited. I've read her classroom agenda and all I can say is "wow". After the first day of school I asked W how his day went and he responded with..."It was AMAZING, my teacher is so awesome and we had so much fun!" I am so delighted. My sweet lil' W needed a kickstart to his Ga life.

EG~now entering Pk3

Girlfriend took a few months off school and was super excited to go back! Her school bumped her up with her class to Pk3. She had no reservations, but instead, she insisted on wearing a tutu instead of the jean shorts I had laid out for her and marched into her class like she owned it. She LOVES her school...which makes this working Mom gig a happy experience. Gawww I adore her.

G~now entering 10th grade

I lose my mind thinking of him growing up and leaving....bad socks and all. I can't explain my connection with this son of mine, but I cry thinking of it. I'm so proud of him and there's another little girl in this house that thinks he hung the moon and had I not given birth to him...I might have actually believed that he did indeed...hang the moon.

C~now entering 7th grade

My fabulous swimming, touch down running/throwing son. His body is as active as his brain. I pray that this is his year. The stage is set for him to give the best performance of his life. I've learned more from this child than any other. He's taught me that being different is normal. That being considered odd is non existent, that the world is not black & white and there is no box big enough to put him in...he is my C, perfectly imperfect. He makes my world spin and reminds me I'm not as smart as I think I am.

I have lots of hopes on this second day of school. Many goals I want for them to accomplish, but totally aware that my desires are meaningless in their eyes. They are each so strong willed and will decide for themselves what this year will hold. I can only be their Mom...there to support them and yell at them to do their homework...it's gonna be a great year!


Kayce said...

Love that EG wanted to wear a tutu! :) Love always seeing your baby's growing up and moving up in their worlds...can't believe that W is in 2nd grade!!!! I hope this year is a great one for them all and for you too momma!

dawn said...

W suddenly seems so big. His little boy face has all but gone. I'm shocked at how much he has grown since you guys moved.
E's face is just priceless she is so freaking proud and strong now.
And your other boys....men!

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe G and C are so grown up!! Time flies!!! W is just to cute!!! EZ = PRESH!!! Hoping they all have a wonderful school year!!!
Debbie - Darci's mom

Stacey said...

Beautiful Family!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and updates. They all look so happy and confident! Wishing your beautiful kids an incredible school year, Wendy

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