Wednesday, April 20, 2011

drive thru post

Well, here we are...almost to the end of April. We survived tax day, sliding into the post office before they locked the doors. Couldn't do online this year because of documents that needed mailed. Glad that's over. I could get all political at this point, but I won't, I'll just bite my tongue....for now anyway =0)

So let's do a little update on life.

EG is still thriving at school. Loves it like nobody's business. She has never cried or said she didn't want to go and she is always so happy when I pick her up. She is learning so much so fast. She counts to 20 in English and to 10 in Spanish. She knows her colors & shapes, she knows her teachers & friends names, her schedule, the weather and well, she just LOVES school.

I'm still blown away by this fact.

She goes to bed easy, usually by reading books and she sleeps all night. Recently she has decided that a diaper at night is for babies and she refuses to wear one. Some nights are better than others on this issue. If I do manage to get one on her, she usually wakes up at some point and takes it off and puts panties on and goes back to bed...sigh...she's growing up to fast.

W is having a 'rough' time at school. His Natzi teacher is more than I like and I have officially given her a 2 thumbs down status. She sucks. Her expectations of a 6 year old is through the roof, and no I'm not one of THOSE Mom's, I'm just sayin. I don't think she likes W and quite frankly, I don't like her. Though she gets great test scores, she's a real bitch. W is in trouble ALL the time (according to her) for instance...

*he talked during lunch to his friend during a week of no talking.

*he was given a cupcake and 'snuck' the cupcake decor of a cheap little plastic Buzz back to class and then it ended up scratching someone when he was goofing off.

*he may or may not produce the work that she wants on her time schedule and is forced to have silent lunch and walk laps at recess.

*he brought a small toy to school in his pockets.

*6 little boys were playing tag on the bus, but not really tag because nobody was running around, they were just tapping on each other.

*W told the teacher he got all the answers to a book test correct, when in fact he missed 2.

Apparently these are all items worthy of a phone call, silent lunch, laps at recess, detention and moving his color to RED.

I'm so over her. I hear nothing she says anymore, it's all negative.

It seems he's always


I was able to escape for one weekend to my friend's beach house.

It was a much needed hiatus for my thirsty soul that was just dying to roll in the sand like a dog. I really miss my island time.
We escaped to the quaint St. Ge0rge Island and I can't wait to return. It's only 5/6 hours from me and ol' so pretty.

We had visitors over Spring Break =0)

My old paradise peep came up and ended up renting a home while she was here on vacation because she loved it so. She went home, her husband got a transfer to the area and she's now officially packing up 2 homes and moving to GA on the exact same date, one year later.

We'll be 3 miles apart! I can't wait and neither can W & C, her boys were best buds with mine.

In other shocking news...

We are moving. again =0(

We didn't want to, but I am stepping away from any and all drama.

Long story short:

We rented this home last year from Paradise. We didn't like it, but after that week where we spent 2 days looking for a home and only came up with a handful to rent, we went with this one because of the school zone and truth be told, it was the only one left after we returned to Paradise. I had no recollection of the home and what little memory I had of it, turned out to be wrong once we moved in. Needless to say, we didn't like it, but after we started making it feel like home and ended up loving the lot and envisioned the possibility of what we could do with it.

We've done a lot to the home because we had no intentions of moving. The homeowner only bought it for investment and we were just planning on living here till she was ready to sell and then buying it. Little did we know, she'd try to take advantage of the fact that we loved it. So she tried to get us to sign a long term lease where she had the option to increase the rate 10% every year, simply because she said that's fair and normal. So we called her bluff and she didn't back down, until after we found another place to live and then she started backing down on her demands. It's just ridiculous. 2 weeks of drama and trying to figure out what to do, we decided we didn't want drama year after year with a woman who has already told us that she refuses to put any money into the home. We have fixed more items then we care to say. We've given her a new sink, we've painted every room and saved her hundreds of dollars in repairs. We've lived with a broken garage door for months and one broken burner on the stove top for months, toilets that all needed replaced and she waited many months before doing.

So needless to say, the new house is only one street over. We are trading in the Treehouse that we loved for the Whitehouse. This home wasn't even listed when we found out about it because it belonged to my good friend and neighbors parents and they just sold it after they died to an investor who wants to keep it for many years and then sell. We have no intentions of buying this home, but we love the neighborhood and because my kids have adjusted so well to life in GA, I just couldn't ask them to move again. So it's all a compromise. I just have to get my kids through this school zone and then the doors are wide open.

I'm happy with our decision, but I'll be sad to leave the Treehouse. It's been a much needed recovery for my soul after dealing with all the drama that we endured in our old neighborhood. Makes sense why we don't want to leave this fun loving, laid back atmosphere doesn't it.?!?!

I'm just glad we didn't have to leave the neighborhood with all my great neighbors =0)

And in other GIGANIC shocking news:

My family is coming to visit over Mem0rial Day. My mother stopped by the Treehouse once and saw the kids for a few hours and that was the first time she met EG last summer. But this time, she's bringing my brother/wife & 2 babies that I haven't met and my grandma. I can't wait to play cards with my grandma.

I'm trying to plan things to do, but now with the move, I'm just hoping to be unpacked and settled. I haven't even planned Easter and it's quickly approaching.... FAST.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 year referral day

It was only 2 short years ago, 4.3.09, when we finally received our call for the little girl we had always longed for. She is our sweet dream come true and we feel so blessed to call her ours.
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