Tuesday, July 12, 2011

maybe just one more will hop on board, maybe just one more person will begin to think, ponder, react...

America's Crisis

A post that will either alert you, piss you off or leave you thinking I've lost my God loving mind...& I'm okay with that ;0)

I have been on a mission lately, to prepare my family in the event of an economic collapse.

Not to long ago, I was saying 'IF' it happens, now I am saying 'WHEN' it happens.

What I find shocking is that so many people are not taking note, not paying attention and not preparing their families.

If you are a biblical believer, then you know that the end times can not be ushered in without a one world currency, so why are most Americans just blowing off even the most remote chance of this occurring in their near future? Global talks of a one world currency are taking place everywhere. Just google it, you'll have endless hours of reading pleasure. So we all know that the American dollar has to collapse in order for there to be a push for this globalization.

What I also find shocking is the turn against Capitalism. Since when is being a Capitalist a bad thing? We don't need to 'spread the wealth' or 'share the sacrifice', we need government to stay out of the way. We don't need more government, we need less government. Governments don't make jobs, small American businesses (Capitalist) make jobs. Capitalism is just one of the many things that made America great for who we are, I have so many friends who have been out of work for over 2 years. We are not talking about lazy bums, we are talking about hard working people who owned businesses and were in a very good financial place when their world was turned upside down...like mine. Small businesses are being bogged down by policies & taxes and are unable to thrive. I'm sick of hearing that we should punish businesses even more. I'm sick of hearing that if you make over $250k then you are considered the 'jet class crowd' ....Ummm, I don't know anyone that owns their own jet.

So what started for me as mission to pick up extra food for my family for when the inevitable occurs has brought me to another whole level of preparedness. I am not in a financial position to do it all at once, but I feel this crunch coming on and I have began to get my crap together quicker. I want to be ready. Rough times for Americans are coming. You can either stick your head in the sand and pretend that it won't affect you or you can prepare and possibly be able to help others who will not be prepared.

It seems as though the normalcy bias is running more ramped than dealing with the events that are spinning our direction and are coming at us at an alarming rate.

The most unpredictable thing will be the social unrest that will come when people are not prepared. You can not predict how loons will behave. Just look at the streets of Greece! If you think it won't happen here, you are in denial. Social unrest is part of the fall out when an economy collapses. Are you prepared to defend your family in the event of a mob in your very own neighborhood? I live in a big city that will absolutely come unraveled.

Just think of everything that could happen when the dollar collapses. There will be a run on banks, which won't matter, the dollar will be worthless. How will you pay for food? Grocery stores only carry a 3 day supply of food. How will you gas your car? Gas stations will not have gas. In the event of grid down, how will you cook? How will you light your home? Do you have extra propane? Extra oil lamps? Batteries? Water? I realize this all sounds crazy, but you have to take your mind there. You owe it to your family, you owe it to your kids to be their rock in the midst of uncertain times, to be able to feed them when they are hungry.
Things are happening globally that will have a direct impact on what is to come. Israel is being surrounded. Israel is one of our closest allies, why is America turning against them? They represent the western way of life, the closest views of America. I stand with Israel and the western way of life...where do you stand? Do you even know? We are now seeing this love affair with Palestine and many celebrities are deciding to stand on the side of Palestine . Coldplay now has a catchy little Stand up for Palestine song...don't be fooled by the big names. Know your history.

I just bought a few fun reads:

Patri0ts: Surviving the Coming Collapse

H0w to Survive the End of the W0rld as We Know It: Techniques and technologies for uncertain times.

Where There is No Dentist

When There is N0 D0ctor (part of a self reliance series)

& The G00d Women of China: Hidden V0ices, just for fluff reading ;0)

I've also discovered a fun, fluff blog that I'm officially addicted to:

Love sites that get me thinking. Going outside of my comfort zone, but mostly I want to be prepared. I am a 'prepper'...prepping for the uncertain future.

If the debt ceiling is not raised, America will default on it's loans. We are a broke country, but I know America will survive. If the debt ceiling is raised, we have a wee bit longer of borrowed time before it all comes tumbling down. Don't be fooled by mainstream media, do the research for yourself. Mainstream media is to political, step out of the political realm.

If only one person reading this will change their normalcy bias way of thinking, then I'm glad I shared. So who's prepping with me?


Daniella said...

Thank you for this post.... most people don't want to talk about it, learn more or get prepared. They would much rather just ignore it. I can't tell you how many people say to us when we talk (which is 100% in agreement with your thoughts) that we should just lighten up and it will all work out.... really? I don't think so. I could touch on every point you wrote but you said everything perfectly. I will add that it makes me sad that Captilism is frowned upon. My father wasn't a rich man but he owned his own business and we were well taken care of because back then Captilism was something to be proud of! My husband a small business owner in addition to working a 30 year corporate career has very little left of our business and we are absolutely getting killed in taxes and I'm sorry I just don't get the whole "share the wealth". We also know families out of work that want to work, want to succeed but we need our gov't to back off. I am prepping with you and I'm also not keeping quiet. Some people just don't know so keep sharing your information which is well researched and right on!!!! PS - I don't have a jet either ;)

Brenda said...

We need a flat tax system, for our government officials to quit acting like they are exalted royalty; make work-for-welfare the federal law; quit making entrepreneurs feel that they are "guilty of the sin of being comfortable"; reward people for all their hard work by letting them KEEP MOST OF THEIR MONEY; and get everybody off the public dole except for the truly indigent and handicapped. Protect our borders and get out of our hair!

Diana said...

WOW WOW WOW..I know I need to be more prepared and knowledgeable in so many areas and this is one of them. Thank you for posting this..(I could not get the link to work..)

Anonymous said...

You're right. You are nuts.

Daniella said...

T - gotta love the anonymous commenters.... At least sign your name and make a point.

Anonymous said...

@Anon, I'll take nuts and prepared any day of the week other than blind and uneducated. I'm guessing, since you have no point, you are just one of the many that have your head in the sand. Make a point and sign your name.


Anonymous said...

I believe the concept of "share the wealth" originated with someone who didn't care for politicians and the way they ran things...Jesus Christ.
I'm not burying my head in the sand; I'm burying it in my hands and praying for all of us.
God's blessings to you and all who hold love in their heart for their fellow humans, not just the ones who are convenient or easy.
~ a christian woman ~

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Jesus didn't say "share the wealth" and "share in the sacrifice" of irrisponsible government spending. Please. Jesus Calls us to help others, not be a slave to gov't.

I'm with ya on the praying, but God calls us to action. So will you be the unprepared Christian who can't help others in the midst of crisis? Or the Christian woman who heard God's call and prepared for when he will need many servants to help others?

I have no idea what convenient or easy people are...


Anonymous said...

Tracy, I think you need to relax a bit. I agree that a new, and perhaps worse, recession is on the horizon and we now have fewer tools to deal with it, but it will not be the end of the world.
I appreciate your sentiments on big government. I too despise the needless regs that strangulate business. Still, I am of the mind that appropriate regs are needed, especially for the big corporations. Look up the Glass-Stegall Act. It was repealed at the turn of the millennium. Its repeal allowed the big banks and other financial institutions to run amuck and lend money to anyone who could fog a mirror. They then repackaged these terrible loans into derivatives and sold them off. This built the massive housing and credit/debt bubble that led to the last (continuing) recession. Government was complicit in this (with the Fed keeping interest rates artifically low) but the root cause was our precious capitalism.

Let's face it, the root of capitalism is the almighty dollar, a/k/a greed, and that greed is the cause of the last rescission, not so much the government. Remember, the rescession originated in a time when pro-business Presidents were in charge. I think capitalism is the best plan out there, but it needs supervision.

Aside from the debt incurred to save capitalism and offset its effects, the government is not so big. Look up the top tax rates under Nixon and Reagan. The top rate ranged from 70-94% in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, so today's 35% top rate is a drop in the bucket, i.e. government is small today in terms of tax. I for one am willing to pay more taxes if it provides a better footing for our children. Debt has to be tackled in both directions - reducing spending and increasing taxes on those of us who make the most.

And this is not shifting money from the rich to the poor. My parents both worked very hard their entire lives, including my dad working full time to the age of 79 when he got sick, but they have to look to me and the government for assistance now. I am proud that the government is assisting them and others in need and that my tax money is being used for this purpose. Better them than the too big to fail banks.

And the concept of one world currency is not about to happen. If you have studied the mess in the EU you understand that a large part of the problem there today is the inability of Greece, Portugal and the other PIIGS to devalue their currency. They share the same currency as Germany, France and other relatively sound economies and lack the freedom to devalue.

Devaluation allows a country to have more competitively priced goods and services and eases the burden of government debt, so it is not always a bad thing, as you suggest. The U.S. is struggling, but it would be worse if our devalued dollar did not make our exports cheaper and lead to some good gains in exports over the past couple of years.

We will muddle through, but we need to keep calm heads and stop doing silly things like signing pledges to not raise taxes, which tie our hands in much needed negotiations over national debt. All options should be on the table.

I say relax, take a deep breath or two, stop reading the hype, stay conservative in your finances and try to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Why does nobody sign their name to anything anymore?

We do not see this the same at all. Capitalism is not greed, it's people making their own way in life, not depending on the gov't, how 'bout all those nasty capitalist in Texas, making more private sector jobs than any other state? Can greedy people come out of it, absolutely. Should the gov't have bailed the banks out, I say No, but I'm sure others disagree. The gov't didn't bail my business out when the banks collapsed, we closed up and moved on to something else. To confuse the banks debacle with capitalis and make capitalism out to be evil is silly and uneducated. The bad banks would have collapsed and the good ones would have thrived, but Obama bailed them all out.

Do I not believe there are many many great funded gov't programs, Yes I Do. But we are a spent nation, it's time for cut backs. We don't need more taxpayer money, WE NEED MORE TAXPAYERS. But with the current policies on small business, the gov't is making it impossible for small businesses to thrive.

Why is Texas thriving so well compared to every other state in America? IT's because they have not allowed gov't to be BIG in TX. Smart Business for the regular joe capitalist.

I was talking about where the dollar is heading, not the one small benefit of competitively priced goods. I'm not suggesting that a one world currency is on the short horizon, I'm saying it is absolutely a real thing. Many many people that are in and surround the current president are pushing for it and/or a change in the world currency as we know it. Know your players and the power they hold. Know what happened during the Sterling Crisis of 1931.

Your suggestion that the Obama plan of share the wealth is not shifting money from the rich to the poor is absolutely correct. It isn't shifting, it's stealing. It's penalizing hard working people. The gov't is making the public more dependent on gov't. Since the Obama/Biden Stimulus, we have been shedding thousands of private sector jobs ever month, which feed the gov't, thus a cycle of now needing more help for people to live.

and BTW: I am perfectly relaxed. This item of concern sucks up 2% of my life, so no concern is needed. It's my duty as a Mom to see the potential dangers in the world we live in and protect my family. I will stock food, weapons and water, the necessities of livlihood, because if it all comes crashing down, there won't be a governement for anyone to rely on and if it doesn't? The bonus is I am ahead of the game and have extra food on hand. I sleep well knowing I am prepared =0)


Brenda said...

I am appalled that people know so little about micro and macro economics. The government creates NOTHING but takes EVERYTHING. Who do people think FUND all these insane programs: you and me and everyone else. The government's charge is to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic, give us fire and police protection, protect our borders, take care of the truly handicapped and indigent. We are a capitalist nation that has thrived for centuries on the small and big businesses that employ people and pay taxes and provide health insurance. If you want what the current administration tries to shove down our throats, try the British system of health coverage - you wait 2 to 3 years for a knee replacement and you have no choice of surgeons or hospitals. Who wants to live like THAT?? This is America. Let people keep most of their money, pay reasonable taxes and get these horrid politicians out of our hair. I would much rather trust the hard-working entrepreneur than some government bureaucrat who sucks off the public trough and does not have to rely on our social security system for their retirement. They have their own gold-plated perks for a lifetime. They are "above it all" and it's just not right. I agree with T - you have to take a stand and stand up for democratic principals and encourage small business - who employ so many people. Big business does a great job too - they provide good wages and health coverage and a chance to raise your family with a security net. Government produces no goods - they only take - from each and every one of us. Some is necessary - but so much is waste, fraud and abuse.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you Brenda, even our Founding Fathers wrote about gov't and it becoming to big. Politicians are greedy, not capitalist. We are a Capitalist country and that is a good thing! It's hard for me to wrap my brain around someone voting for higher taxes. We don't have a tax problem, the gov't has a spending problem and they are robbing our pockets daily. Surely, even the biggest Obama lover can think of one thing to make a spending cut back before being all excited to send more money to the gov't...or is it just the people NOT making more than $250k that think it's a fabulous idea? This isn't rocket science, it's economics and our gov't thinks they are above economics 101...which leaves nothing but unprepared people in the wake of a financial meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me think.


Laura said...

OK, so where to start? What is first? And where do you store all this stuff?


t~ said...

Laura, you start with the necessities, the 4 G's are a good rule of thumb: grub, guns, ground, gold. You have to have food, shelter, water, protection and you just build on that. I not Mormon, but I am utilizing the Mormon cannery for an inexpensive way to create long term food storage. See if there is one around you, they are very welcoming and believe in protecting you family in the event of any crisis, job loss, natural disaster, economic disaster. t~

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