Tuesday, June 21, 2011

& then he turned 15!

Sigh...my first love turned 15 last week. He was gone, living the high life in Cab0 San Lucas with our friends who have a place there.

Last year we talked about going with them, but then I went and got that lil' thing called a j.o.b. No time off.

So G went with them and had a fabulous 15th birthday! They went parasailing.

Had a fabulous birthday dinner, where he chose spaghetti again. It's his birthday choice, every single year. He shared a birthday with the other friends that went with them. She wasn't turning 15 though =0)
He delighted in being close to an ocean once again.

*twinge*...mommy was a wee bit jealous. just sayin.
He ate fancy dinners every night =0)
He got a tattoo ;0)

His is the one down the side of his waist.

It's Chinese for "Big Brother"...how sweet is that?!?

He went ziplining. Again, I was a wee bit jealous...
He had his first shot of tequilla *cough cough* I hope it's his last!

Then the pool brought him some fruity girlie cocktail for his birthday. Nice.
He tried to fit in with the locals.

He had a smashing good time and came home all bronzed up in color. The G that I've always known from living in Fla....my beach boy was back with a glow!

I can tell you, that I missed him like crazy. He is my kid that hangs with me and talks to me about 'grown up' stuff. He's mature and the man he is becoming makes me so proud to me his Mom. I have no idea how I got so lucky.


Sandra said...

What a sweet post! Looks like a fabulous time!

Two Kayaks said...

How you got so lucky? You raised him to be such a good young man. You did the hard work. Now, you are seeing the results. What a great birthday!

Ani said...

What a fun birthday!!!! You are one great momma raising those sweet young men (and you little lady!)

Briana's Mom said...

What an amazing trip! How did you get him to actually come home? LOL! It looks so amazing there. Glad he had such a great birthday.

Kayce said...

That's a great way to spend your 15th birthday!! Happy Birthday!

Robin said...

This post brought a little tear to my eye. I don't even know G but I know what being the mom of a teenager is! I knew every feeling you expressed here. And.. I know how proud you are of your first born love! :-)
Hugs to Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow - what an awesome way to celebrate his birthday - Happy 15th G!

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