Thursday, July 1, 2010


My little boy is quickly turning into a man.
He's starting to sprout and I'm seeing him leave his childhood behind him and he's barreling into the tumultuous teenage years. As sad as I am to see him growing up, I am also happy to be entering the high school days. I loved my high school days and I'm excited to walk beside him through this next chapter in his life. I could not be more proud of who he is as a son, a brother and friend. He really is one cool guy.


Brenda said...

Hubba Hubba, Tracy. He's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure in high school - who would NOT want to go to the prom with this young man??? :-)

Sandra said...

Handsome young guy for sure!

Kim said...

Very Handsome young man... Totally get it.. I love the younger years.. but when they grow up it just shows you how well you parented your child..
They are such a joy..
it is FUN..
He will be gone to collage.. and believe me that is harder..

Diana said...

Happy Birthday to your HANDSOME son:)
I can not get over how much he has changed..he looks so much older. My youngest will be 13 in August and I just can not believe it!

shelley said...

Such a handsome young man you have there. My girl turns 14 at the end of this month....sweet Lord I wish time would slow down. She,too,is growing into such a wonderful young adult. I wish for the world to be gentle with her

3 Peanuts said...

He looks so much older all of a sudden. Happy Birthday!!!!

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