Monday, November 1, 2010

Hall0ween 2010

We had an over the top good time for our first Hall0ween in Georgia.
We adults attended a party at my neighbors home and then went trick or treating the next night after all the fun kid activities at our neighborhood rec center.
I have to say, it was more fun than all the past Hall0weens.
We are really loving our new neighborhood and the lack of drama that goes with it.
My dh costume is a bit much, but we just told the kids he was JT from the 80's ;0)
It was an adult party afterall!
I went as a spider witch with big frizzy hair and lots of heavy not me...

my neighbors
Jessica Rabbit, a spider witch & a candy corn witch~

an adorable frog!

my little chef, there is no better costume for my little guy

the mummy wrap game
the donut on a string game
Trick 0r Treat


Sandra said...

Your neighborhood reminds me a LOT of mine! Great pics :-)

3D said...

Love the costumes. Love the partying. Love the Halloweenie goodness!

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

Love all the costumes..
looks like you all had sooo much fun.
have a great week.

Shari U said...

um,....exactly what is the hubby's costume? I mean, I see the big gift there and all, and I can certainly appreciate that he wears it well, I was just wondering if you'd care to share more? Ya'll look great and how nice to hear you say it was a great Halloween! I guess you're settling in well. Welcome to Georgia!

t~ said...

He's Justin Timberlake's a D*ck in a Box from the SNL video, watch it on You Tube because it's a classic.

There's actually a story behind it that sort of became my summer theme song after all the 'manly' duties I had done to get the house packed & moved while taking care of 4 kids & doing all the jobs in the house. =0)

Shari U said...

That's a pretty good costume! I watched the video and have to say ya'll pulled that one off quite well!

Chinamama said...

DH's costume was AWESOME!!! Dead on!!! All the costumes from the adult party were great. Looks like a lot of fun!!! Love the frog and chef too!! Too cute!!

Debbie said...

Love the costumes!!! Where did you find that precious frog costume?? Darci's big thing now is to hop around and say "ribit" "ribit"!!!

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