Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful GA Thanksgiving at our house this year. Most all of j's family arrived on Tuesday night and left on Sunday and we thoroughly enjoyed having one to many cooks in the kitchen, to many wet kitchen towels, lots of random candy wrappers, lots of chatter, laughter and loud football noise blaring from the tv. It was our first GA Thanksgiving and we couldn't have been more grateful.
This year was a bit different than all years past, because we are missing one of J's brother, his wife & their 2 children. They have decided within the last 2 months to cut all of us out of their lives...for reasons that are so shallow, that if I told you, you wouldn't believe it....
My SIL's & I have a Faceb00k friend that is an ex wife from over 14 years ago, they are so jealous that they can't see straight. Not only have they cut us out of their lives, but they have the 2 children hating on their own family who have been nothing but wonderful to them. We hate the whole situation and I am about to blow a gasket on them for putting my fabulous in-laws through this bullshit. Their behavior is unacceptable, but not shocking. My SIL has cut out her entire family, including her own mother and 2 of her own children....I just hate it for my in-laws who have never done a damn thing wrong to them.
However, even though they are not apart of our life right now, we still kept with tradition and gathered together at a new location and enjoyed being together 24/7.
I am truly blessed and grateful for my husbands amazing family and anyone would be proud to call them their own.
Preparing for the annual cornhole tournament!
EG preparing to unwrap a special gift...
The grandkids unwrapping...

A special wooden *treasure* box that Gra*mps had built for each grand child. Each child's wood is hand picked for them and W has a piece of wood over a 100 years old in his box on the lid. They even come equipped with a pull out drawer. I love how special it is and it's a gift that they will keep their entire lives.

My beautiful SIL's~
Aunt*e Ann putting make up on EG...
Gawwww, she LOVES make up!!!
She has encouraged my daughter to lose her God lovin' make up desiring self....
We had 2 turkey's and a ham being prepared along with about 482 sides of complete yum. I was very excited to see how a turkey was deep fried, that was a new concept for me and it was yummy~!
My other BIL made the most terrific organic, free roaming turkey I had ever had! I know he followed a specific recipe and I will share it if anyone has interest, but I gotta say, it was to die for yummy.

The DH's famous carmel applie pie~!
W loves food, he loves to cook it, taste it, help stir it and look at it. He spends countless hours thinking about food...I swear he's going to be a cook. He wanted a picture of him with all the deserts, so there ya have it...
~ W's Thanksgiving drawing~
I hope your home was as full of laughter, chatter & love as ours was this Thanksgiving year!


Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Sounds like despite the family drama you still had yourself an awesome Thanksgiving!!!

I just LOVE those special boxes!!! I hope the kids love them and treasure them forever!!! What a wonderful gift!!!! Grandpa's are VERY special:)

Sandra said...

Looks like a great time! It sounds like every family has some drama in in and I totally understand you feeling bad for your in-laws. Stuff like this sucks.

Laurie said...

The boxes your FIL made are incredible! I just love the photo of him and the kids.
W could not be any cuter I swear!
Yes, sadly every family has its drama. I've followed your blog for enough years to know that your in-laws are great so I feel for them.
J is not only hot, but he BAKES! You are a lucky girl :)

Diana said...

First of all the treasure boxes are AMAZING!! What a special gift!!
WOW on your husbands pie..I am IMPRESSED!!
I would LOVE your turkey recipe ( deep fry ours each year too so I would love to see how he does his:)
AND I am so sorry about your SIL..sad sad sad!!!

Ani said...

What a wonderful gift those treasure boxes are! And what a wonderful moment to share them with the family! Am so sorry about your SIL - may next year find the whole family together again (without drama!) :-)

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