Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Visit!

We had ourselves a successful Santa visit!
Girlfriend kept telling me "Noooo" to Santa and then she saw a photo of her good friend, LL, on Santa's lap and decided she was ready.
So we loaded up and headed to the mall where we waited in line for no less than 45 minutes.
She walked right up to him, without me!
A big step for a little girl with much anxiety.
She didn't smile.
she didn't cry,
she didn't vomit,
she didn't hyperventilate
& she even whispered to the jolly man that she would like a baby doll.
How 'bout that?!?
W told Santa that he is still working on his list...which is accurate.
Considering I've been throwing him all those big toy books that have been coming in the mail and he's yet to circle a thing....
& there has yet to be anything purchased for him...
so if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears!


Marsha said...

Hi Tracy....I have two sons close to your W's age. I recently found a GREAT new game, if he likes Legos. It's called, Creationary. The object of the game (which can be easily tweaked to adjust for age and skill level) is to create with legos the pictures on the cards. It's challenging because you have to really think out of the box, and work creatively, but my boys love it!

Ani said...

Such a cute pic! Our 5 year old loves Legos, and Lego Star Wars for the PS3. This year he's getting a DS with a couple of games. We are traveling out of town for the new year and figure this will be a great distraction in the trip!

laurie said...

So cute!

Sarah said...

There are building toys much like Legos but different called "Zoobs."
My son loves those. Also popular is his ds with games for all levels. The photos are adorable and the Santa visit sounds like a success! Thanks for sharing their cuteness! :)

Briana's Mom said...

I'm so happy that E loved Santa! And the pictures are so cute! I love that Santa - he is so awesome. And you gotta love peer pressure. :D When Bri saw Chani's ears pierced, she wanted them done too!

~Kristen said...

What a great milestone to achieve... She and W look too cute, and that Santa's not too bad either!

Randi said...

Isn't it so amazing to see your girl overcome some of her fears and get so brave. Last year Emma would not have gone near Santa and this year I have a picture of Emma kissing him on the cheek! I am so happy Eme loved Santa, too.

Kim said...

Congrats Eme! Great to catch up on your blog Tracy. I just luuuuvvvv your writing.

Stacie said...

If he likes music at all, the toy this season "paper jamz" is pretty hot.

It's this thin guitar and has lots of things to go with it

Tawni said...

We're not even attempting Santa this year - Av HATES men. Except a few. I don't want Santa to end up with a black eye - that's how she deals with men. ;) As for gifts - I'm having the same issues with my boys. I need ideas. I'm down to the wire here!

I've missed you!! So glad GA is treating you so well!


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