Friday, December 17, 2010


Have I mentioned how thankful I am to find myself right smack dab in the middle of beautiful?
I am so lucky.
I hear their stories of *crazy* and J&I just look at each other like ~seriously?~

These people have so little to complain about and what I love most about them, is they don't!

Life in GA has held little beautiful treasures, like simplicity.
Since day 1 of moving here, I've been blown away by southern hospitality, a big thank you to my pugmama lovin' friend for the initial kickoff of love. Regardless of what may or may not come our way, I am thankful, for all the unspoken reasons and more.


Sandra said...

So glad you found another paradise...

Stacie said...

It's strange because about the time you moved up here, my family moved to Florida.

I am still here in Athens, so I am happy :)

Glad you have been surrounded by the hospitality, and I wish you continued happiness here in the peach state!

Daniella said...

so very happy to read this.... paradise is where you make it.

Ani said...

sometimes, paradise is not a specific place, its being with specific people who bless your life. lucky you :-)
happy holidays!

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