Monday, May 16, 2011

Warri0r Dash 2o11!

What a blast that was!

If you're into a lot of mud and adventure, you gotta check out this 3.02 hellish miles of obstacle courses. Below are a few photos we took along the way. Many are really poor quality, but that would be due to the water and mud on the camera lens =0) This dude is a teacher. With a Masters Degree....look what higher education can do to one.
& there goes Fred Flinstone!
After you swam the muddy lake, you had to jump over 3 rows of cars. The wetter they got the trickier!
Next you went over 6 black steel walls and immediately had to go under 6 barbed wire mud pits. It was an over under thing. I seriously looked at that 4th wall and thought no way, I'm already tired...but I did it. I think this is where many got cut up. Lots of bleeding legs at the end of the race.

Getting ready to start!

Ok, so this is totally fuzzy...however, I was running too and we didn't want to stop, so I got an 'action' shot of my husband actually running. My dh NEVER works out. I told my boss that if he dies on the course this weekend, then I'll be cashing in on a nice insurance policy and they shouldn't expect me back at work. J looked at me and said, "Why do you keep telling eveyone I don't work out? I was the high school quarterback, I worked out over 2 hours every single day." One mile into our run, I heard him breathing so I just had to know,

"How's that 1985 workout working for ya babe?"

At some point we had a spider web of bungee cords to slither through. After hearing those cords snap up on some of them, I was glad I wasn't a man.

I'm Winning! I'm Charlie Sheen!

The water slide! A little rough on the keyster.
There were many more that weren't photographed, but the fire jumping was the last one.

Totally soaked and muddy, but so much fun!

Now those boys are some real me your muscles boys!

I'm a Warri0r!

Now every real man needs his own tutu, don't ya think?

The rope climb wall

Well at least he won't drown in the mud pit...

Thing 2 seems to be missing.



Shari U said...

You're a rock star!

Kim said...

Looks like a blast ---NOT!! Actually, if I was a runner, it really does look fun - except for that fire jumping! You're both warriors in my book!

Two Kayaks said...

This is an event that J. and I would LOVE! You guys seriously rock. Seriously. I wish we knew you in person.

Lindsay said...

OMG. What a way to earn a beer!

Kim said...

Love it..
Will have to look into it here..

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