Tuesday, September 6, 2011

St. Ge0rge Island

Over the long weekend we escaped to my friends beach house for some family time. We need to recharge ourselves, or at least I did. The weather was iffy, due to the Tr0pical St0rm Lee making landfall in the gulf. The gulf was super rough and even though the boys had fun, EG stayed close to Mommy in the sand and played. Girlfriend didn't miss a beat, it's like she's always lived at the beach. She loves the sand and all the way home she kept saying, "I wanna stay at the beach house with Mommy." That's my girl!

Taking pictures was extremely difficult due to the high winds. I didn't take my camera to the beach for 'normal' play because I figured it would be ruined by the blowing sand. Below are just a few images, none are great, but it is what it is. G's hair was out of control. He now wants it all shaved off.

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Daniella said...

You can take the girl from the beach but never take the beach out of the girl, or something like that. Great pics and I'm glad you had some recharging time.

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