Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's official, I have 2 teenagers now...

Happy 13th birthday to my sweet C~ C entered the world of apple for his 13th birthday. It's all he's wanted since my first overpriced 8G iphone. He's in love and having way to much fun texting me.

We did a simple celebration because he's a teenager now =0)

He wanted a chocolate cake, with crab legs, burgers and caramel apples...go figure.

I love EG's face in this picture. She was waiting for me to do all the work on the crab leg eatin' fest.

My in-laws swung through town to hand deliver his birthday gift.

I've always been proud of my kids, but it's this child I've seen the most growth from in the past year. He has matured in his own way. He still thinks outside of the box and what used to be an issue for me, I have learned to embrace. I know longer want the child that only thinks to get the good grade. I want an innovator, a child who knows a different way to get the answer than what is being taught. I want him to teach his teachers a few things and learn that listening is more important. I have seen all these things in him this year. His grades are good without any noise from his parents. He is an interesting child who can go from playing the violin to running a touchdown and swimming an IM at record speed. He is the kid that gets lots of attention from his peers wherever he goes. He is social and yet perfectly comfortable being by himself. I am quite impressed with ease of life and his adaptability to all types of situations.

I am so proud to call him my son.


Glinda said...

Beautiful tribute; handsome son :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Cindy

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