Monday, June 7, 2010

a GA update

We've been enjoying some fun down time with our old neighbors this week. M's dear husband is flying out today and she's going to stay another week with the 4 kids. So with 8 kids on the scene all the time, life is busy!
This is the first time that I've actually been out of the house to see what's what in our new neck of the woods. The community that we picked seems to have a lot of fun stuff going on, thank goodness. The kids have been hanging out in the woods behind our house and playing in the creek. We have lots of little walking trails that go throughout the woods around the community. They've met lots of friends that hang out with them in the woods and play on the rope swings and other crap that they've created. There is a rec center where I can send the big kids to go swimming and they've met lots of new friends there. We've met and made an immediate connection with our neighbors that have 2 little boys. She's a lot like me and we had a really good time hanging out chatting & sipping one to many cocktails=0)
Location wise: I think we picked a fabulous location. We are really close to everything and I can't say enough about how incredibly nice everyone is, southern hospitality is alive and well folks! That is something that paradise was lacking in every aspect, common courtesy had been long thrown out the window in exchange for rudeness.

I enrolled G in high school and his class load is very heavy. All AP courses with no break. He has some summer reading and testing to get done and football starts for him next week. He's very excited about his new school.
We tried the lake life out this weekend and are making plans to return this weekend. I'm holding out hope that it will become something fabulous. It's not the gulf and it's not as wonderful as my beautiful island, but it's different and new. We did find a little island to beach on and the kids explored the little island and swam in the fresh lake water. The kids were all a little surprised by the lack of salt in the water;0) When we were leaving we heard about a big beach and we are looking forward to checking that out soon. The lake is huge and I think we could spend a lifetime exploring it and never see the same thing twice.

So with all that being said, life in GA has been good for us so far. EG has made a smooth
transition and I haven't taken one single migraine pill since arriving. It is good to be back together as a family and we are beginning to feel the groove. We've spent much time on the house repainting the upstairs and still have much to do, but we are at a resting place to enjoy our company and the new world around us.

My new backyard. This is the creek behind our home.

A little nature hike on the trails.


Randi said...

Glad things are getting settled for all of you. If you are in North GA, maybe we can meet up sometime. Our girls are close in age.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Looks like things are off to a great start for you in GA!! I am so glad that you have met so many nice people and maybe that will outweigh missing paradise.
AWESOME that Eme is doing so well. Funny how they pick the things that throw them off and things that you think would set them off and they ride through it like butter!!

Enjoy the area looks incredible!!

~Kristen said...

Every word and picture on this post brought a smile to my face... :)

I'm so glad that you are feeling more "at home" and finding good things, really good things, in your new environment. Which looks FABULOUS, by the way! Finding another paradise... not a new one... is an incredible thing. Enjoy each moment of it!


Briana's Mom said...

So glad you are finding a warm spot in your heart for GA. :) When your guests head home and things settle down, feel free to give me a buzz. We're around this summer. :)

Shari U said...

We have a creek like that in our backyard here in Kennesaw which has provided more hours of entertainment for my 4 kids + all the neighbors than I can possibly count! I'm glad you're liking it here so far, that lake you're talking's not the gulf, but it's pretty doggone nice on a hot summer day! Happy boating

Ani said...

That looks like a fabulous place to grow up in! The woods, the creek, the rope swing... its pretty much all you need for a perfect childhood.
Glad to hear you are all settling in, especially Eme Grace!

Kim said...

Love it..
sooo happy for you ..
Glad things are going well.
Have a great visit with your friends..
It is BEAUTIFUL there..

Diana said...

The nature pictures are beautiful!! Your backyard is every kids dream place to play:) I am glad you are all doing so well. I think you are the type of person that could make anyplace Paradise!!

funnylittlepollywogs said...

You sound SO GOOD!!! I am very happy for you! I am especially glad to hear that you are still on the WATER and that you've already got yourself a little island. I know it's never gonna be the old paradise, but as PVM said, perhaps your new neighbors' hospitality will make up for that. LURVE Savannah...I know, I already said that on a different comment. LOVE HHI too!

Daniella said...

this post made me smile!!!! So glad things are working out better than you thought :) Find the big beach and the bar :)

meme said...

Your GA is your paradise. So happy for you!! From your Kentucky friend.

my3 kids said...

Sounds like you guys are settling in and getting to know your surroundings. Your backyard look amazing, the kids look happy...take care and enjoy summer:)

3 Peanuts said...

As you can tell...I am paying catch up as I had lost the link to this blog. So glad things in GA are going well for you all. I know how much you loved Paradise.

In order to not lose you again, I decided to "follow" your blog and then I read that you don't want people linking here lest your family find you. It dawned on me that if they (your Mom) are reading other blogs, they could see someone follows and be led here. Just a thought. I know you want to keep this small here.

Happy 4th of July!!!


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