Sunday, June 6, 2010

0ur Final Fl0rida Farewell

Whoooo, what a week!
I left parad*se 2 weeks & 2 days ago and said goodbye to everyone I count as my family. Not going to lie and say it was easy. The boys and I sobbed for a good 3 hours up the interstate. It was a parade of goodbyes for 2 solid days and as the final night turned into early morning, I locked up the house that I love and handed my martini key over to the new owner. What’s done is done. I will always call paradise ‘Home’, it is where my heart is and I think my soul will forever rest on *sland time. I arrived with 3 not so happy boys and 1 confused little girl and dog at 7:00pm to our new place. My very handsome husband walked out and met me at the car. I think I literally collapsed on the spot. I sobbed in his arms for a good 15 minutes and I shivered. It was cold. Not like the May parad*se heat we had experienced for several months. The kids ran off to check out their new home while I dreaded taking my first steps inside. I felt like I was cheating on my home and I wanted nothing to do with it. I know that a lot of my fear comes from the 2 years of misery when we moved back to WV. It was the exact same week almost 8 years ago that I welcomed a new life and instead was dealt the death of my Dad and Papaw. The dates are all frightening the same.
As Col would tell me repeatedly, “You are not going back to WV, this is different and new, don’t think of it the same.” I focused on those words for 9 hours up the road.
Saturday morning, we were greeted by 3 Southern Gentlemen that PM's DH had sent over to help us unload the trucks. There is very little in life that I know with 100% certainty, but I do know this: There is no damn way in hell that we could have done it without them! We will be forever grateful for their help. They were so kind and eager that a part of me began to view this GA thing differently.
EG was extremely happy to see her Daddy and she spent the following few days in the Erg0. I felt it necessary to keep her close to me so she felt safe during this crazy transition period where all of our crap was was completely disorganized. She was a trooper and she did great. I didn’t see any ‘shut down’ moments or any meltdowns. She would nap on my back in the Ergo and we all made sure we were there for her at every moment of the day.
Daddy: He is super happy to be back with his family. He celebrated right after our arrival (29th) and I can tell that the 40’s are not going to be kind to him;0)
G: Still claims he never cried, but he sobbed right along with me all the way to GA. He won the Pres*dential Silver Award at his school and several others sent texts & emails about other awards he received. We are still waiting for them to arrive in the mail to see what his standings were when he left middle school.
He also seems to be the most excited about his school and life in GA.

C: Cried himself to sleep in my arms the first night, but quickly warmed up to this GA thing when kids came knocking and he went playing in that creek behind our house. We caught him on day 2 with water ski’s and poles from my shoe rack trying to ski down the cliff to the creek. No fear I tell ya. He also found a best bud very quickly beside us shares his name, which make things tricky when I yell it out!

W: He’s pretty damn happy wherever he is, as long as there is food=0) Not kidding. He also become best buds with the boy beside us in the cul-de-sac named Will. He also told his Mom upon the first meeting that 'You're pretty cute"...yeah, he's a playboy like that.

EG: Has transitioned beautifully. For the last 2 months, we were flying solo in Parad*se while Daddy was working in GA. It sucked for her & me. She was a hot mess and I blogged about it. She constantly needed to know the whereabouts of her family members. “Daddy Ge0rgia” she would announce to every Tom, Dick and Harry. We taught her to follow it up with “Daddy Ge0rgia, Mommy Fl0rida, EG Fl0rida, etc….” Now she does role call and we are all in Ge0rgia. Something clicked in her once we arrived here and met Daddy and all of her toys and familiar stuff started arriving. It’s as if she got it. I am optimistically cautious. But she seems more settled. She’s not acting out, but instead she’s her sweet self. She has slept and napped with no issues, to the point where I felt like the waters were safe enough to scoot her crib into her own room & she has continued to do well. It’s as if all is well again in her little world and she can now relax. Not sure, but I’m watching her closely for any behavioral issues that might translate into all the other issues of PT**SD/attachment/sens0ry overload/ or anything else on the freak out scale of life with a special need child. & as if that wasn't enough, she has decided that she’d like it very much if I’d remove her diaper and rush her to the potty when she likes. We weren't planning planning on potty training till the kids went back to school and life was more settled, but EG would like us to move that plan up, I'm trying.
Me: I'm actually doing better than I ever imagined that I would. I've only let the 'f*&% U' word slip once since receiving a very special text photo of my girlfriend on *sland time....& that's the part I will miss the most. I've been very busy getting our home life settled and since I have a deep longing to decorate all things new, I've been busy! However, we already have our first house guests here and I've been learning how to relax and enjoy life, even in the midst of a non perfect home. I must admit, I'm enjoying the Ga life better than I ever thought that I would.
More to come soon, now that I have my wireless Internet up and running!


Kayce said...

You all have been in my thoughts. SO glad to hear you're settling and finding a groove!

Kim said...

So glad that things are working out..
You deserve the best..
Can't wait to see the new house all newly decorated. .
Have a great week and enjoy..

Tawni said...

I've been thinking about you a ton and a little thrill went to my heart when I saw your blog all highlighed up on my screen. I'm glad for the updates and that things are looking up...:)

Tawni said...

forgot this: Eme running with one shoe cracked me up - Av's a one shoe girl. Not sure what her deal is with that - but, always running with one shoe...

Anonymous said...

Tracey, I'm SO glad you guys are settling in!! So happy to hear that the boys are making friends and that you are feeling better!! I had no idea about this being in the same time frame as you dealing with such losses, no wonder you were so upset...Having to move from a beautiful place you love is one thing, but having the other memories thrown in, it's amazing you were still standing by the time you got to your DH!!
You are one incredible lady, much happiness in your new home!!

Nancy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Traci,
I've been eager to know how you and your family did with the move. Glad to hear you are all hanging in. I hope everyone - including you - settle in well. Take good care of your self!
Robin in NYC

Anonymous said...

Being a Alabama Girl who lives in Florida, who has lots of kinfolk who live in Georgia :) I think you are going to like Georgia. It will not be the same, don't expect it to be. You will get yourself in a mess.......but I think you will like the Southern lifestyle, but will always keep Paradise in your heart. Also our lives never stay the same ( trust me on that one, from experience) some moments and experiences are better than others. But, I think having your family back together is what is making your heart so happy and relieved. Really, as long as you got your "Family" , my dear, you have got a life of "Paradise". Continuing to send you prayers.......glad the transition has been good thus far.
Melissa in Orlando

Karen P said...

Welcome Back..........Sooo glad to hear that things are looking brighter for you and the kids.

Kris said...

well where have I BEEN??? oh busy, life as a mom. i'm so glad you are settling in and it sounds like the kids are doing really well for such a huge change. we moved a lot when i was a kid and i think it's just naturally easier for them...

i need to read some prior posts, as usual, i'm totally out of the loop!

thegreybullet said...

Was so happy to read that you are in Georgia and settling in. I wish you well in your new home. I am sure it is wonderful to be a complete family again! Have fun decorating!!

Colleen said...

Can I say..."I told you?"... no, not nice...

I am so happy T. It warms my heart to hear the happiness coming out of your words. And no... It isn't WV. Never will be. Not close. It sound like the boys are having a stinkin ball, and Eme? Well that is just good shit right there. Your right, something just clicked.

I can't wait to come and see your 2nd slice of paradise. And just think........ we can get all giddy about planning a girls trip to the Gulf. "GIRLS ON THE GULF".......... Whoooot!

Love and miss ya bunches.

Heza Hekele said...

Glad to see everyone is Happy and Settling In! What a huge change of environment! Brings back many mixed memories of my own from when my mother transplanted us all from our native US to Canada when I was 14. Sticker shock for sure.

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