Friday, September 17, 2010

1st day of school photos from Aug 4 & a little catch up

G~ freshman year of high school, gulp

C~ first year of middle school grade 6

W~ first grade

*I'm so behind. When I have time to blog, I don't and I'm trying to not feel any pressure to keep up with it, otherwise I'll close up for good and be gone.
*The kids started school in the middle of summer, Aug 4. So we've been knee deep in homework & football for awhile now. Things are going smooth in school so far and I'm very proud of how hard they are all working and have adjusted to this Ga life. So proud of them all!

*My boys have all entered a new phase in their life and though it's exciting watching them spread their wings, it's also scary. Parenting gets trickier. Teenagers should come with a manual.

*This is the first year I haven't reminded everyone to remember Mary L0u, the world lost her bright sunshiney smile on Sept 11 and though I didn't blog, I remembered. How could I not?
*My M0m will be coming this weekend with my grandm0ther & will meet her granddaughter for the first time.
I'm happy that they are finally going to meet the amazing little person behind the photos that I've sent, but sad she's been home 15 months and this is the first time. Whatever, it is what it is.
*I have finally finished our travel vide0, but have yet to figure out where to upload it to since it's 30 minutes and it's such a huge file. I have seriously worked 2 solid weeks on it. What a pain, but it's DONE! Next up, the photobooks & quilt.


Laurie said...

You posted those pics of your boys on Aug 5th! I only looked bc I thought I was losing it I was so sure I'd seen them before. We all love to see your handsome guys so twice is better than once:)

I've been reading your blog for so long I did think of your Mary Lou on
9-11. I saw a picture online somewhere of a Ground Zero memorial and I am sure her picture was in it. I should've sent it to you bc now I can't remember where I saw it.

I can't believe your Mom hasn't seen E yet. Family is complicated for some of us isn't it?

I hope so much you chose to share your travel video.

Take care

Michelle said...

T~ I thought of you and your friend many times on 9/11. I also have waiting for an update on E and her boys. Don't close your blog!

Stacie said...


Try these links for the video..
or try this

Let me know if you have any issues! I, along with a lot of friends here at school have experience with videos and can help you figure something out!

Thanks for the update! Love the character that you have and let shine on the blog... <3

Take care family!

Anonymous said...

I too thought of your friend on 9/11 and even stopped by the blog to see if you had a update.......just wanted you to know others remember if you blog about it or not.....she is remembered. Glad everything is going smoothly.
Melissa S.

Marla said...

Wow, look at your boys, they are SO big. Hope they all have a great school year. I remembered your friend too, what a sad day, even all these years later.

Hope the weekend goes well, post some new pics of that sweet baby girl soon! :)

Erin said...

T- I also checked your blog on the morning of 9/11 for the pictures of Mary Lou that I have seen on here for so many years. I did remember her and you on that sad day!! I never knew her, but she is now the first person that I think about on that day, only because you have made sure that her memory lives on!!!

Lisa said...

Teen ager years are definately challenging. I have a 20 year old, and still have 2 that will one day be teenagers too. I remember all the craziness of my older son's highschool days. Glad your mom is coming- sometimes you just got go with it,....Hope you do keep blogging I enjoy reading it- no pressure- lol

Chinamama said...

Please don't close your blog! There are many of us who care. A far as your friend, I am sorry for your loss. The world did lose a bright smile at day.

I hope it went well with your mother. I understand (sort of) about not having a parent not see your child. I posted before about my parents not seeing my daughter. My step-mother didn't see her until she was home for over 2 years. It is ok now but it took awhile. Again, I hope the meeting for the first time was good and everything you wanted.

Ani said...

Oh gosh, those boys look so grown up!
I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, she will always live on in your hearts.
And, as for your mom meeting E, I hope it all went better than best and that she enjoyed the opportunity to love on her darling granddaughter.

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