Monday, August 30, 2010

Are you ready for some football?!!!?

We've been stupid busy with football since summer. Both G&C are playing and Buckeye football hasn't even begun...yet.
It's going to be quite the year of football. Our only day off is Sunday, so by the time we slide into late fall, my brain will be toast.
The pictures are of the kickoff game for the varsity team that was held in the Ga Dome. It was quite the situation~


Kim said...

Love me some High-school football..
Can't wait for Friday.. last year for me.

Tracee said...

We are MORE than ready up in Pennsylvania. My Texas Longhorns open on Saturday and we will actually get to see it on tv! I just wish it would cool off already! Our schools don't have AC and the kids are literally baking all day. E looks adorable as usual...

skm said...

Wow....big league f'ball there in GA! E looks adorable as usual. Looks like she is even sporting blue lips for her fav team?!
It's flippin hot in NH too!

Christie said...


Shari U said...

Hey, we were at the Georgia Dome for that! I'll be looking for you when your team plays Kell. So, when I walk up to you with my little Chinese girl telling you I've been reading your blog for'll know it's just me. :-)

Shari U said...

Oops, never mind, I lied, we don't play you this year for some crazy reason.

Terri said...

We are ready & lovin football season!!! Little bit of 5th & 6th grade playin & A LOT of Blue & White fever here in Indiana for the COLTS!!!

Our HS boys play @ the Colts stadium & it is always so exciting & a big night for the boys!!!

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