Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a fun first Christmas in Ge0rgia and believe it or not, Ge0rgia had it's first white Christmas in over 100 years! It was fabulous and later in the day, the kids had a blast in the snow and sledding down a hill!

There were a few times when we felt a little lost in h0liday tradition because we weren't in our normal surroundings of paradise and therefore, we need to make new traditions. It was the first time in all my life I didn't attend a candlelight service and it was of nobody's fault but my own. I just couldn't get it all together and failed on that tradition.
So here's to making new traditions in our new location~

Christmas Eve

Our elf's final resting spot before going back to the north pole.

Overstuffed stocking from Santa!

Christmas Morning

We had picked C up this instrument while in China.

He figured out how to make music within seconds of being the proud new owner of an instrument full of history.

W received lots of gifts with lots of pieces

He seems to be the one struggling a bit with the transition because he lost a ton of cul-de-sac friends that were always outside playing. So we decided to busy his little mind and hands this winter with lots of things to put together.

Daddy Santa lost his fizzle at 2:00AM and decided to finish putting the boys big gifts together the next day, so we made them piece together the words of their gifts which were sitting 1/2 together in the basement.

They received a ping pong table and a foosball table for all their friends to enjoy as well.

No pictures, because I suck like that.

M0mmy was SUPER excited for EG's dollhouse gift!
Daddy putting it together =0)

EG & W already getting busy inside that lil' mansion.

Matching Camilla beads from Gra*ms for our Pand0ra bracelet.

This year she got us a snowflake and it couldn't have been more fitting considering it was our first white Christmas!

Cooking up a storm in her new kitchen set that Ms. Claus scored on!

EG got her first kitchen set last year & if you've been following along, then you know that
it turned out to be a big POC. (Piece of Crap) All the doors are broken off and it's even managed to give me a nice black eye for a week. The POC now resides in the basement and will eventually find it's way to the dump. So Mommy has a neighbor who was selling this lovely set for $250, including the PBKids ironing board and iron...brand spanking new. I was so excited for EG and I can't wait to play with it when the boys go back to school! =0)

EG's new Lee Middlet0n doll. She asked Santa for a doll baby and Santa delivered ;0)

Christmas morning mim0sas in our jammies with my fabulous new neighbors!

she tries hard... ;0)

We were invited over to our friends house for Christmas evening cocktails. Our boys have become best friends and we parents have enjoyed getting to know each other.
What started as an evening of cocktails, ended up being an invite for a trip back to paradise for the week.

I will post more on this emotional trip back for me in the next post, but I wanted to get Christmas 2o10 up before doing so.
Hope your Christmas and New Years was magical!
"Celebrate endings ~ for they precede new beginnings."


Kim said...

love the photos..
Emerson in her tiara and shoes is priceless...she is tooo cute...
Love it..
Merry Christmas girly..
Can't wait to see your trip back to paradise..

Lisa said...

Happy New Year... it sounds like you are on your way to new traditons and much happiness..
Ps Love that you scored that PB stuff for that price... won't say I am not jeoulous LOL

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

What a deal on the PB kitchen! I wish Maddy had a good kitchen like that. Hers is "ok". We LOVE all the Melissa and Doug wooden food. (just an fyi). Maddy loves cutting it and hearing it sound like you are cutting it. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. (and a beautiful white Christmas at that). :0) As much as I could be done with snow... there is nothing like a white Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

My sister got the same doll house! It had hardly any furniture though!

Debbie said...

Hi! Been following your blog for ages, even your old one....I love it! You are always so truthful and real, I appreciate that!
Love the pics of your new home, looks like you have worked hard to setlle everyone in.
Eme is just too cute.

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