Monday, March 21, 2011

13.1, because I'm 0nly 1/2 crazy

Well I'm glad that's out of the way....
13.1 in 2:15....that's 10 minute miles with no training. I'll take it.
I've stressed about this run since Feb 8, which happened to be my birthday, when I collapsed from shin splints and haven't ran since.
I've been a runner for quite a while now, but only did 5k's and 10k's.
I knew I was way ready for a 1/2 marath0n and really felt like I should bump up to the marath0n...until I literally collapsed from shin splints while running on Feb 8. I really thought I was done. The pain was so horrible every day that I thought I was dealing with stress fractures at that point. I should have gone to the doctor, but I didn't. I iced them daily and popped motrin for the pain and inflammation and slowly they began to heal.
I also battled my ongoing case of anemia and realized I was seriously suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. I had been diagnosed several years ago as an anemic, but managed it with shots, vitamins and red meat. After I moved to GA, I stopped all my B shots and I've slowly removed meats from my diet. I attempted to run last weekend, for the first time since Feb 8 and struggled for 7 miles...struggled. I couldn't breath, I was dizzy, my hands were numb and I just wanted to be anywhere doing anything other than running. I didn't have it in me and worried how I'd ever deal with 13.1 the very next weekend. I was reminded, because clearly I had forgotten, that I had low red blood count that needed more attention than I was I was giving it. I had seriously forgotten and all of a sudden everything made sense to me as to the symptoms I had been dealing with.
So with all that being said, I ramped up my B vits and added some red meats to my diet and slowly starting feeling like a human again. I'm not quite there, but I definitely feel an improvement.
I just decided that I wouldn't be setting any records in this race, but was just going to run for I woke up at 4:15 A.M. and made my way to downtown Atlanta where I joined the other 18,000 people out for an early morning run. The weather was perfect and I felt great...until Monday morning muscles are tight. I expected some leg soreness, but hadn't really planned on my back muscles hurting and the big issue with me is I think I've bruised my toenails on the left foot. I'm afraid they will fall off, just in time for flip flop season, oh joy. I just didn't think to cut them ugly short before running, and I won't be making that mistake again.
Below are some pictures from the ATL paper. I obviously didn't have a camera because I wasn't going to carry it the distance. So I have one photo of me and my neighbor that we took with my iphone when we were going to eat afterwards.

Next up:
I can't wait for this one! It will not only be my husband's first race ever, but it will be the first time he runs, cause that's how he rolls.


kitchu said...

good on you girl. glad you are taking care of yourself. don'g eff around with the anemia you scared me listing out those symptoms when you got back on the pavement.

and even if you'd cut those nails runner ugly short, dude. long races bruise them. i lost 2 nails in my last 15K and they were runner ugly short. i've given up on keeping them "pretty" other than the pedicures. i keep them short. but honestly i haven't run in a long while. i miss it.

Daniella said...

Congratulations! Sorry about the nail though and the other running issues. I would love to try a race but I'm scared which sounds ridiculous but it's true. Now I have some serious pain in my right hip which freaks me out. It sucks because I love running and when I switched after my cycling accident I didn't expect the ailments that come with it - I had shin splints also and they are not fun. Congratulations again!

Sandra said...

Yay for you! A ten minute mile with no training is awesome! What is it with running? Why is it so addicting?

Briana's Mom said...

Good for you! That is a fantastic accomplishment! I've never had shin splints and hope I never do. Sounds so painful!

Stacie said...

Woah! I will be at Warrior Dash T!!

Are you going on the first or 2nd day?!?

Stacie said...

Oh, and by the way, some of us girls that don't want to run think we will be part of the "Warrior Flash" haha

As you pass the finish line, you get a beer, but we were thinking of spicing things up. Jk haha

t~ said...

We are going for the weekend. Can't drink and drive home =0)

Shari U said...

You go, girl! Hope you get those toenails all healed up in time for your next race!

Stacie said...

Haha T! Sounds good, well if I happen to run into you, I will introduce myself. A few of our guy friends are wanting to do it, and I think they are doing the Saturday one. Should be some good photos from that trip!

Lisa~~ said...

Yay for you, great job. I give you extra credit for doing whilst anemic and b12 deficient, I don't know how you did it. I'm both of those too and lately have fluctuated between weekly and monthly b12 injections plus supplements and I know how low my energy is so extra kudos!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your 13.1. I love that distance. You finish while it is still 'fun'. I have lost numerous toenails. Currently I have a super black one, just slap some polish on it and try to ignore!

Enjoy the fun!

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