Friday, March 4, 2011

Pic Update

These were taken on EG's 1st day of school.

She was so excited...can you feel it?

Again, I'm totally blown away by how well she has adjusted.
I swear, it's only by the grace of God she has adjusted this well.

We have yet to have 1 bad day, though she has lost 3 bows=0(
She's actually bonded better with Daddy. Suddenly, she cries for Daddy all the time and wants him, especially if Mommy is not giving her the answer she so desires. She is slowly, but steadily becoming a Daddy's girl.
She happily goes to school every morning and comes running when I pick her up. She is learning so much so fast. We started her in the 3 year old room, since I didn't want her to spend 1 month in a room and then switch. So all of the kids are older than her, but EG is very mature in so many ways and completely immature emotionally.
Speaking of 2 and 3's...guess who is turning 3 in 3 days. Hard to believe she is already 3.
Like most adoptive Mom's, I wonder if her birth mother is thinking of her during this time, the time where she carried her inside of her and felt her kick. According to her story, she loved her a while before she made the decision to give her up & if she is, I pray she feels how loved this one little girl will always be.
& finally, a picture of the new snaggletooth in our home....


Laurie said...

Wow! Look at those is pure bliss and the other pure cuteness!

I believe E's birthmother thinks of her every single day,Tracy.

Debbie said...

Yes! You can see the exitment in Eme's face and the absolute cuteness in "snaggletooth"! dx

Kim said...

SOunds like all great things..
can't wait to see photos of the Big 3 Birthday..
.Have a great weekend...

Georgea's Mommy said...

Love the snaggle-tooth! AND love seeing EG so happy...just full of joy Tracy. I agree it is by the grace of God, but you know what He gave her to YOU for a reason. She is YOUR girl bc God knew you would be the perfect parents she needed. Kudos to you guys for being amazing parents. Happy birthday Eme!!

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