Friday, March 18, 2011


Ok y'all, I'll do a post on c0uponing soon....but for now, y'all start collecting c0upons. I buy 2 Sunday papers every week and steal the c0upons from my neighbors that don't use them as well. You can go online and print c0upons as well.
C0upons are a cycle.
The ones you collect this week are probably the ones that you will be using in 6 weeks or so.
Food sales cycle.
You hoard c0upons until it's a sale or a B0g0 and then you play your game.
So for now, all y'all start by buying 2 Sunday papers this week.
You don't even have to clip them.
I just pull the inserts out and stick them in a 5 gallon zipl0c, nothing fancy.
Deal everyone???


Shari U said...

Okay, I'll do it. Baby steps work for me :)

Anonymous said...

where do you get them online?

Sandra said...

I l0ve @ll the little "$ecret" c0de$ you @re u$ing!

But seriously, looking forward to learning from you, c0upon master :-)

Kathleen said...

YaY!!!!! I can't wait to learn!!! Since we are leaving for China in 2 weeks I might lag behind but I can't wait to catch up!!!! Thanks so much for helping all of us save some money!

Glinda said...

I go big or go home; its four papers for me and a lady at work brings hers in on Mondays; although I showed her my trip to CVS that cost me a paltry 5 bucks, and I think she'll be keeping hers now.

Rockin' and stockin' that's my motto.

K said...

Tomorrow is Sunday and I can't wait to go get my 2 Sunday papers!!! I'm IN! can't wait to learn!

Wanda said...


Anonymous said...

Saving my coupons, looking forward to lessons!

Anonymous said...

So excited about your upcoming couponing post! Count me in! Heading to get my 2 papers first thing in the morning.

Catherine said...

Just saw on TLC that there's a new show starting about people who are Coupon Masters. Let us know when they're featuring you!! They'd be wise to do so!!

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