Tuesday, March 29, 2011

S0cial Unrest

I'm just gonna dump my brain in an effort to 'make you think'...I should warn you that this is not my husbands favorite game that I play with him.

I like to surround myself with different minded people, people that make me think. I find great pleasure in listening to people share thoughts on subjects that I either know very little about or absolutely nothing about. It's stimulating to me. I am not a pessimistic, I am a realist. I hear what they say and then I do my own research.

Recently, I've had a few conversations with my friends and family about the Amer*ca, as we've always known it and the potential collapse of this great country. It's fascinating conversation to me and it has really left my wheels turning and I find myself seeking to read different thoughts across the board. There is no left or right in this post, I am neither blue or red, I am an Amer*can, a Mom, a person who loves life and a person who will protect my family with every being of my existence. So if this is not a topic you've ever thought about, then hopefully it will leave you thinking. We can't evolve if we cease to think, just sayin'...

Let me begin with the questions that were purposed to me that opened a door of action...So let's play the "What If "Game...

I am not talking about the Apocalypse, I am talking about Social Unrest.

*In the event that the Amer*can d0llar does become worthless, are you prepared for what that actually means? The demise of the dollar is a subject you should think about. We are on our way where the Amer*can d0llar will cease to be the w0rld's currency, hyperinflation is imminent, study up on it folks. Have you really thought about what that means to you and your family?

It means the very dollar you buy your food with is now worthless. Worthless to the person excepting it and worthless to the bank. The d0llar has lost 29% of its value in 7 years. They'll be a point in life when you might as well burn the dollar to stay warm.

Most people believe that because it's never happened to them, then it won't. That is called Normalcy Bias. We Amer*cans simply refuse to see the evidence that's right in front of our face, because it is unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

*In the event that gas prices soar and shelves are not as stocked because trucks can't afford the gasoline to stock them, are you prepared to be able to feed your family? Do you have enough water to maintain their needs?

I can relate to this immediately because I know the food shortage that took place before hurricanes, after hurricanes and even the big ice storm this past winter. The way people rush the stores to grab that one loaf of bread is barbaric in nature. It becomes a survival instinct, a panic of sorts. What we witnessed happening in New 0rleans is nothing like we will see if hyperinflation occurs and Amer*ca can no longer afford the interest rate on it's debt.

We have borrowed an impossible amount of money which we will never be able to pay back. The looming currency crisis is inevitable. 42 million Amer*cans are on food stamps. 13% of our entire population. Those numbers are up 17.5% from last year and that number has gone up every month for 19 months. How can a country be in good shape when 13% of the population can't even afford to buy food.?.

The numbers for unemployment are skewed. They haven't risen because many of the benefits have run out and those people are no longer counted as 'unemployed'...however, more people are collecting unemployment and just because the ones that no longer qualify for benefits are no longer counted by the government does not mean they are employed. 43% of Amer*cans families spend more than they earn. The Amer*can consumer is broke.

So let me ask, are we Amer*cans immune to the laws of economics & finance?

With all this "stuff" brewing, I believe each family needs an emergency plan. I have begun working on an emergency plan to get the hell out of dodge to wait out the chaos, if the need arises. Big cities will feel it first and I won't want to be in Hot-lanta when the shit hits the fan. Serious social unrest is on the horizon. Are you prepared? Do you have enough food, water, medical supplies to wait out the chaos for 6-12 months? You will not be able to rely on the government because they will be to busy trying to save themselves. I believe Amer*ca will be restructuring itself and we will lose our place as the super power of the world. Not a far fetched theory at all, study up on it.

Personally, I will make sure we have enough gasoline stored to get my family out of this big city. I will have enough food and water to feed my family. Batteries, because if the Amer*can dollar takes the plunge, then who's paying for eletric? They won't want your money either.

I have friends that have invested in gold, which is smart if you have the extra cash flow. Gold will hold value and you can invest in the new currency of the world.

I know it's crazy stuff to think about, but having some good conversations with other people made me realize that even though I thought I was prepared, I'm really not. I just want to get your thinker going so that in the event of chaos, you are not in denial. Social unrest will be inevitable if people can not feed their families.

I know a lot of you don't believe in guns, but I do. I am prepared to protect my family at all costs. Do you think I'd advertise my preparedness and not be ready to defend it? HA, then you don't know me.

Many of you will read this and think I'm crazy and that's perfectly fine with me because I will be a prepared crazy when events happen that are completely out of my control. But if you think I am crazy, I got ask, why? Is it because it's the first time you've given a thought to this subject? Are you in denial about the world around you? or have you also been thinking about these same things? C'mon, let's talk, I'm open for the conversation.

As far as I see it, if Amer*ca gets it's shit together, then I am ahead of the game by 6-12 months. What's the harm in that?


Michal said...

Prepared crazy is good. Really good.
I am so glad that I am not the only on thinking like this.
Stock up on the guns and batteries girl. Better to have 'em and not need 'em- ya know?

t~ said...

My thoughts exactly =0)

I'm pretty darn prepared in the guns & ammo department, hopefully I'll never need it, but I do have the right to protect my family.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I too have a feeling of impending unrest. I have had for a couple of years and it's getting stronger. I am afraid that we have put our country on a path of complete meltdown and I don't think our leaders know how to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Well T this is very deep.

I am Canadian so its a little different. Different in that I live on the BC coast so my being prepared has more to do with wanting to be ahead of the next natural disaster! So when and if social unrest happens I am already for it!


Daniella said...

Excellent post and I am eye to eye on almost everything you wrote - except I am wihtou a doubt a to the right Conservative. We are stocked on ammo and guns -we have been even before the downward spiral of our wonderful Country. We too are scared of what will happen and we do not share in the "optimism" we hear others talk about. I think anyone paying attention should be scared, very, very scared. We are stockpiling, preparing and also working on our family emergency plan. I think too many people are scared to talk about this subject but people need to start talking, start doing and start preparing!!!

t~ said...

@Zova, I totally agree that our leaders don't know how to fix it. That's why I'm not shouting Democrat or Republican, because in the end, it won't matter. We are all Americans headded down a serious path of destruction.

@Daniella, I don't see 'optimism'...I see a serious lack of conversation going on in the media about this. Charlie Sheen gets more attention then the talk of a new currency.


Abby's Mom said...

I'm reading One second after right now. A lot of the same principles and worries! Scary stuff!

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of Larry Burkett, who wrote the book: In the coming Economic Earthquake years ago

Read below:

In The Coming Economic Earthquake (Moody Press, Chicago, I11. • 1991), Burkett delineated growing federal deficits and the ever increasing use of debt by business and households out of control. Burkett points out those severe economic times will appear sometime shortly after the millennium unless current polices are changed. Burkett believed that Keynesian economic policies, with ideals for continuing federal deficits and the implicit preference for higher levels of consumption, reduced saving, and a larger role for government in the economy are a means to disaster. As Burkett states in the book that as interest on the debt consumes a larger and larger portion of the yearly federal budget, and more money is borrowed each year to pay the interest on what was borrowed in previous years, there will be a temptation to “monetize” the debt at an increasing rate leading to a calamity not seen since the Great Depression. Burkett questioned whether or not elected leaders would take action in time to prevent fiscal chaos, and believed they would not.

Larry Burkett was one of many economists that raised the alarm about the Y2K computing crisis. He warned of recession and economic collapse. In addition, he urged listeners to store ten days of food supplies and fifty gallons of water. Burkett went as far as to declare that the U.S. Senate was misleading the public on the catastrophe ahead

I had forgotten about this book till I read your post. I am going to see if I still have the book it must be at least 22 years old. Larry Burkett was the founder of Crown Ministries..... which was a study my church did years ago to encourage families by using biblical principles to live a debt free life....and not to count on govmt assistance. Google him..... Melissa S.

Tracee said...

Great post! While I can objectively look at where our country is headed, it's still hard to wrap my head around. Right now, we're lucky to have the necessities from month to month because I'm one of those that "aged" out of unemployment. I've applied for so many jobs and nothing pans out. I've got to balance childcare costs, higher gas prices, and the rest of the "costs" of working outside the home.

My point being that we're not in a position to suddenly stock up...but you've convinced me to buy an extra can or two on each trip to the store, and find a good place to keep it.

As far as our currency goes, we don't have money anyway...lol. We are in a good position though. Home and both cars are paid for. That was no small feat to accomplish and it's a good thing we bit the bullet years back because it has made this whole unemployment period easier.

I worry for my kid...what her generation is inheriting from us. I worry that we have not saved enough for retirement. I worry about not bouncing checks. Every single day. My nerves just cannot take it anymore.

I realize I'm all over the place here...but thanks.

Debbie said...

I think you and my husband are reading and hearing the same things. He is insistant on buying bottled water everytime we go to the store. He bought another gun (semi-automatic) and is stocking up on the ammo. Wants to invest in gold and of course I don't see any of this and have my head stuck in the ground, so I am glad he is doing his part to protect his family. I have now taken my head out of the sand and will start to stock up on things. Interesting post!!! Lots to think about and prepare for!!!

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