Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"If your rice bowl is full, then you are blessed."

I'm whiny, but I've resolved myself to what must take place.
I am blessed. Stressed, but blessed.
My rice bowl is full...
So what's going on?
I'm stupid busy.
*The buyers have decided that they would like my furnishings, however, I went on a crazy packing spree when they were trying to jerk me around and I refuse to unpack anything for the 2nd time. So I've spent the evening tagging the items that I haven't packed to indicate it won't be going into the moving truck. I'm happy with the price I will be paid, but feeling a little regret over one piece that I didn't really want to let go of. I priced it really high thinking they wouldn't want it and in the end, they did.
*We've bargained ourselves some golf cart parking in my garage for our employee, in exchange for pool care service.
*I've met with 2 new other employees for a smooth transfer of another contract that we have.
*I spent the last 2 weeks finishing up dental, pediatric and dermatology appts for all the kids.
*I spent today with my fabulous in laws helping me remove certain items that I refused to include in the contract, such as: a few light fixtures that I love, wooden closet organizers, a
few ignoramus wall hangings that I couldn't lift by myself and watching my FIL be my pool boy=0) It's been in need of some TLC, but there's only one of me and I just haven't had time to fool with it.
We are looking forward to Daddy coming home. I need him & so do the kids...especially one scared, confused little girl who is taking a few steps back and needing to be repouched as she trusts that every time I step outside without her, I will return.
She is so strong and yet so weak.
She is sturdy and yet so fragile.
She is my superhero.


Kim said...

I sooo wish I could help you .. but know you are strong and will make it through this tough time..
I can't wait to see you all together again and in your new home and starting a new journey..

David said...

Nice post...Golf cart Alberta

Mindi said...

Your posts lately are just making me want to cry. Thinking of you.

meme said...

Trust in the Lord, Trust in yourself and trust in your decision. You will all be happy TOGETHER again real soon. Thinking of you.
From your Kentucky Friend !!

Shari U said...

I hope your family will have a nice, peaceful and restful weekend together. And hoping next week will be easier to bear, for everyone.

Pug Mama said...

“To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping”
`Chinese Proverb

I am here for you my friend.
one step at a time....

Pug Mama said...

p.s. - Low is just BESIDES HERSELF when I tell her about what is going on.

Jennifer said...

Glad you will soon be back together again as a family. Hope the rest of the packing and move goes smoothly.

Christie said...

I am feeling your brand of the core.

I'm also sad, I must see you leave paradise...lived there myself for a while, and loved it. still love it. always will.

Good news is, new beginnings are sometimes just what the doctor ordered - it was for us.


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