Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My last weekend in parad*se

No words.

Just images from my last weekend with beautiful people that fill my life to make it what it is.

I'm so thankful for these people and many others that are not shown that have made this journey what it is. It's been a hell of a ride, 17 kickass years in parad*se.


Sandra said...

I know you will miss Paradise terribly... I loved all the pictures of the happy faces of your friends :-)

Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.
-- Dr. Suess

Anonymous said...

Aww...beautiful memories, and you can ALWAYS go back to visit and maybe even end up back there...You and your crew will stay close to all of your friends, and you're not too far away!!

PS: Love the pink "ballerina" bathing suit, so cute!!

Daniella said...

ok I'm crying... the song, the pics and because I know exactly how much you love paradise. I know I should be saying something uplifting so here goes.... go on and find your new paradise and always remember this one is here waiting.

Meg said...

sending hugs.....and hope you have a safe trip to your new home.....

Anonymous said...

chills down the spine ~~ best of luck in the coming weeks!

trish in de

Anonymous said...

Very sad for you, I know you love it there so much!
I don't know what part of Georgia you are moving to, but hopefully you will have a few friends close by up there also.
I've been thinking and praying for y'all, and will continue to do so.

(AKA Snow White)

Kim said...

Love the song..
I LOVE your necklace.. where did you get it..???
Have a safe trip to your new home..
Happy New Beginnings..

Colleen said...

What do I say to these beautiful pics? I am so glad you made great lasting memories this weekend. I love the pics.

And...........OH NO YOU DIDN'T.............. Dude - you were on that stage? Nice... Need to hear all about it.

Diana said...

Great pictures. Your last weekend looked like you had a BALL!! I can not wait to see you having fun in your new home as I am sure you packed a party in one of your boxes:)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Well, you've certainly always known how to have a good time. And you will, no matter where your path leads you.....in fact, i think YOU are the fun time!

I was thinking of you & your favorite island and wondered if you packed a little rubbermaid full of it - with some shells - for Eme to play in (or YOU to put your toes in - HEY, you MIGHT like it :)) We used to have a container filled with sand for our boys to play with tailgating - but it certainly wasn't island sand.

And yours is special. It will be every time you take the lid off :)

t~ said...

Col, J&I both were in that damn chair on that stage...eek! But how'd you like the tiara's on the piano players head? I was supposed to have mine on, but realized it was packed =0( My other friend was in the chair doing a Stevie Wonder thing and then later on the stage for some MJ dancing. Gawd we had fun!

Kris said...

that beach and your friends aren't going anywhere. they will ALWAYS welcome you home :O)

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