Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our last hurrah, playing in paradise...

This past weekend was a laugh out loud kinda time.
Mare & Col made the trek down to parad*se to finally be here at the same time. The plans were made before we knew we would be leaving parad*se, so what seemed like a fun trip turned into our 'our last hurrah'...
We consumed a ridiculous amount of calories at all hours of the day & night.
We laughed till our cheeks hurt.
We cried till our makeup was smudged.
We sang till our voices croaked.
& we watched Mare blow her nose no less than 892 times.
Gawd that was a fun weekend that went by way to fast.
Below is a hodgepodge of photos that apparently shows I have no shame in posting ;0)
I love love love my good time girls and it was tremendously sad when they left.
Parad*se will never be the same...


Anonymous said...

Between your website's music and the great photos of you and your make me sad! Girl, I can't imagine all the emotions you are going thru with all the upcoming changes you are experiencing. Your life has been filled with many blessings, and they will only continue in the next phase of your journey in life. Prayers sent your way during this adjustment time. Melissa S.

Sandra said...

Now that looks like fun!
And I am impressed with your cartwheel!

Ani said...

Cartwheels???? Oh goodness, I'm SO impressed (and jealous!)
What a fun weekend with your best girls. Hope the move goes smoothly for you all :-)

Mindi said...

Awww, you made me sad...listening to the music and looking at your great pics. I feel so sad for you. Glad you have these awesome memories to take with you. And you'll have new, fun memories in the next chapter of your life.

Good luck with your move!!!

Suzie said...

Damn girl - I am very impressed with that cartwheel!! Last time I tried that I pulled a hamstring!!!

Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

oh it was hard to look at you all having such a wonderful time at the beach together. You will have wonderful times with your friends at your new house too, but I know there is a bit of it that will not be the same. Glad you were able to have that last hurrah!!!

Cartwheel?? AWESOME!!!

~Kristen said...

SO glad you girls had such an awesome time... which is evident from your photos!!!

But... I want to see the beauty that is inside of those ginormous LV bags... :)

And you have some mad skills with that cartwheel!!!

Just remember... it's never the last hurrah... just the one before the next ;)

Kim said...

Looks like a great time..
but you always have fun..
and you will have fun wherever you go..
Have a great week...

Colleen said...

I love what Kristen said. Never the "last". But it sure was FUN pretending it was, huh?

ANd why was this song on when you were dropping me off at the airport. Only made the sob worse.

I had the BEST time as I always do in Paradise. Mare made it special with her snot. *snort*

Good times, good friends, there is nothing better. I love you and miss you terribly my sista.

Catherine said...

What a great weekend full of fun, laughter and love! And truly, no weekend wuith precious friends isn't complete without a few tears. Glad you had this time together!

Debra said...

Excellent photos, they scream FUN! So glad you all were together again. Mare's photo with E is precious!
Friendship is a beautiful thing...

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